Saturday, May 29, 2004

TMNT vol.4 #17
..Giant spider ! Monster brawl in the sewers! Deadly Fishing nets! And -shell repair!
..available August 2004

--..will flip for pizza..
..Mr.Danny B..has posted packed pix of the Re-release and fully workin' Ninja Action TMNTs starting here!! it's looking like another slew of NEW Turtle figs is headed your way very soon.. so.. stay calm n' don't flip-out!! ..least not yet !!

Friday, May 28, 2004

-->> where did i park the horse..umm..this way.. or was it in the 'Itchy' lot..hmm..??
..the TMNT CCG just got a flip of alot slicker..and Shredder n' the Turte crew got some fancy new shogun duds.. in the Swift as the Wind booster set preview gallery right here..(thanks to quatre1453 for the link n' lo-down skinny!!)

--..UPC Loogie..'s not to late to cash in your Pudding Points.. MATT XE has the scoop and the sauce and the puddin' juice to to get Donatello's brain drain flowin' into some mock Turtle pies.. starting right here in an article that'll get yir goat and drive Krang Kawzy!! me how i pee..
..Baisic Fun..creators of last year's fun as flunk TMNT training keychains..presents to you :Donatello's latest ..most greatest invention..the Wonderful Water Bo..lovingly represented in keychain form with maximum spitting power of up to 20 feet !!

.. there ya go,puddin' .. >v<

Thursday, May 27, 2004

-->> ..!!
..lil' late but tOkKie's back!!
TMNT made a killing at E3 recently.. and the current ish of Game Imformer has some sick new pix i've not seen yet..

--Hiyah,hiyah,folks..steps right up n' see them Turtle bloaks!!
.. lil' spit-load of info on the TMNT CCG cards,comics,toys and some fun pix of the official TMNT crew in Philly all start right here!! if ya don't mind.. tOkKie's got some sulking to do!! 8)
..GoBBless.. >v<
Last night, another large step for a big project I've been working on has taken place. For those who might of heard me drop it, briefly, but I am planning on releasing a Data CD, called the Dribble for Kids Digital Collection. Well, me and Nate, a.k.a. Kidsplinter, had a grande old time recording some audio commentaries for some of the comic strips, which will be featured within the "Digital Collection."

Now, the nice thing is, here is what the Digital Collection Disc One has to offer:
- A Video Introduction from the creator
- The First 50 Comic Strips
- Flash animation on the main menu of the featured character(s) which in this case, Disc One features Nick & Charlie
- Commentaries on some of the comic strips
- Hear the voices of the D4K Gang, such as Nick, Nate, Drew & Ashley!
- A special documentary, made only for the Digital Collection, called "Behind the Dribble"
- Hidden Easter Eggs such as: Audio Outtakes for the voice-overs, the original first drawn comic, sketches, and much more....

And this is something I've been secretly working on for say, about 3 months now. I got the basic code for the menus and what have you done, and we are approaching getting the rest of the code and basic special features/eggs completed or scanned in, etc, and then after that it's just a matter of time before we get this puppy up and ready to go! Now, you may be going... "wait. The first 50 comic strips??" Yes, the first 50. The first 50 comic strips will still be available on-line, thru this site, on drunk duck, but it won't have the cool bonus features and such. The price for the disc at this point is still unknown, but I'm thinking maybe 8 to 10 dollars. We'll see. In a perfect world, it'll only be 5 bucks. ;-)

With that out of the way, now onto today's comic update. When most people read the comic and go through the archives, the first thing usually is, "What happened to Ashley?" Well, I took her out of the comic strip. It was a planned move, but not too well planned. Most readers were left scratching their head and secretly going "I sorta liked her in the comic. She's not coming back tho? Bummer." And I never properly showed the effect her leaving had on Nick.

On the race to get all these story points out and in by comic 100, it's been very easy to jump the gun even more. Example: The introduction of Shepingsly and Big Guy Behind the Chair in the mid-80's. When I got everything I wanted to do, out by comic 95, I had a few comics to do what EVER I wanted until comic 98 or so. That's 2 or 3 good comics. So, I decided to give a joke, and then hit you with today's comic update, which is a serious nod and a rememberance of the character Ashley. So now, all loose ends are tied, and the setting for Lord of the Sweaters is now complete. Sorta. :-)

At any rate, enjoy today's comic, as it is one of my favorite comics I've drawn, inked. I have 5 fave D4K Comics, and this is definately in the top 5. Enjoy, and have a good weekend.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Apparently, the webhost ran into some kind of problem... All of the websites located on the same server as had their databases disconnected somehow... The support tech I spoke with assured me that all data should be in tact, but if something is missing please repost if you can... I know there were several people on the forums when it went down (I was about to log off, myself).

At any rate, as of 2:30 am, the forums should be fully operational once again.
Thanks for your patience.

Monday, May 24, 2004

I have no idea what's going on, but all of a sudden, the server couldn't connect to the database for the forums. This just happened right now. So I'll be checking the server and the webhost for answers.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Ah, a date with Tad Hamilton. What a decent movie. Again, I had a few gripes with it, such as the guy that supposed to get with Kate Bosworth, the kid from that 70's show, yeah, well he is more like a rarely seen/rarely felt prescense in the film, almost like a supporting character. It gets to the point where Tad Hamilton is more of the lead hero only cos we get more personal character development there.

But I digress. Besides the fact that I bought the movie for 14.95, also note that Nick's relationship with Penny isn't all roses and sunshine rays. Why would he lie to her about something like that? Maybe next update, we'll find out.


Saturday, May 22, 2004

-->> ..i am woman here me roar..!! well..i mean.. if i was a lion woman..i'd roar.. but i'ma turtle i'll just uh..squeek.. yeh..'Squeek'~~**!!

Jason from T-drome gives a cool note that a U.K. release of "Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation" in volumes 1 & 2 already announced!!

Volume 1 is set to include eps: East Meets West 1 / East Meets West 2 / East Meets West 3 / East Meets West 4 / East Meets West 5 / Staff Of Bu-Ki / Silver And Gold / Meet Dr Quese .. with a July 26th release date..

..Volume 2 is set for October 11 ..

--Info and order link 1 for volume 1 is here ..

--Info link 2 for volume 1 is here ..

--Info link for volume 2 is here..

.. now remember this is a Region 2 release.. meaning the U.K. .. and as of yet there has been no word of Region 1 (U.S.A.) if you are in the states and intend to get these discs you will need a Region Free DVD player or the like or you will be stuck.
.. i'll keep on top of this as i find out new info. There should be a volume 3 as well and hopefully these discs will be uncut so.. !! It's a great day to be a 'Next Mutation' fan!!

-- On the upcoming TMNT 2 Video game front.. has been confirmed that you'll be able to unlock both classic TMNT arcade games.. 'TMNT :the Arcade' and 'TMNT :Turtles in Time'!! tOkKa will make his Game Cube Debut very soon !! ;)


Friday, May 21, 2004

..hey.. don't EASTIES out in PA !!

"Peter Laird, Jim Lawson, Eric Talbot, Michael Dooney and Dan Berger will be appearing at the Wizard World Comic Book Convention in Philadelphia this May 21-23!"
I always feel if I am going too far, or if it may offend, I need to explain myself. So thus, the explination begins....

This is an extremly touchy subject for me to post on any site, but if you are easily offended, I apologize immediately. One of the things I do is look thru my archives and go, pull out certain characters that made 1 time appearances and see if I can re-use them. The character that is now named Denny was never meant to return. Specially after getting "banned" or discussed about in some circles, and even threatened to be sued, it was a character used back in the day when I was trying to find my voice. The recently deceased "Mall Monkeys" used offensive humor to get votes and readership, I was trying to do the same. But, I have curved my humor and vulgarities to a Simpsons/Futurama-like tone, and so that character and my offensive turns would remain dead.

But... under certain circumstances, and some very rude statements, I decided to bring back "Denny" as he is now called, with the ego and personality of the rude person. Look what the talentless hack is doing now, no? Anyway, sorry if it offends anyone, as I'm not trying to add fuel to a fire, let alone START a fire. That and... Denny will play an important subplot in the future of the Lord of the Sweaters Storyline.

Thanks for checking the comic out, remember that the new TMNT disc is out and Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

-->> now that's a pick up!!
News in from CJJ..the Michelangelo 'Monster Jam' TMNT Truck is hittin' pegs in the toy car isles at yir fave toy stop now!!
-- ..Mirage C.E.O. Gary Richardson .. & the big 'Shell' in TMNT-dom took some nifty E3 pix right here adding up to the hype of Konami's TMNT 2.. whizz..Gary didn't invite me. Well he's prolly still mad about the whole 'Sending a live badger for Valentine's day'.. well maybe he'll get over it by next year..
..Badgers .. ?? ah come on..ya know ya love 'em !!

Monday, May 17, 2004

-->> ..we are ninja.. we strike hard..and melt ..without a trace.. news from Kazzy.
.. 'Blue Bunny' is makin' 'TMNT' Ice Cream Pops again!!.. when ya hear the distant chimein' ..hootie-tootie tunes comin' from the dumpy Ice Cream Truck.. be sure to head out side n' make a run for the Ice Cream man has your Fave,fruity TMNTs with bubble gum eyes!!

-- 'Splint' at T-drome sez:: "..figured this was big enough news, that it needed to be posted so that everyone could see it. According to an E-Mail exchange that Drome member 'Anarchistguy' had with Dan Berger from the Official TMNT Website, the series is on hiatus until fall. Repeats will air until the unofficial 'Season 3' starts this September.

Part 2 of 'The Big Brawl' will air on on Saturday, September 11th. It still remains a Season 2 episode, but is likely being rolled into Season 3 as they felt that the cliffhanger ending of 'The Big Brawl' pt 1 worked better then what was planned for the final episode of the arc. Pt. 3 and Pt. 4 will air on Sept. 18th, and 25th.

And after that, the official Season 3 will likely begin. In my honest opinion, it's a real shame that they didn't just break after 'Rogue in the House' pt. 2. I can understand the need to end on a cliffhanger, I just wish that they had used the End of Season 2 Cliffhanger. Instead of stopping midway into a multi-part storyarc. .."


Friday, May 14, 2004

-->> rich n' thick..i gotta have ya Nestle's QUIK!!
N.V. of NTN has a chat with the Original Voice actor for Donatello on the classic TMNT !!
Barry Gordon's Interview is here !!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Tokka, on the whole TMNT DVD thing, don't worry about it bro. Everyone gets excited and jumps the gun. Since, me and Mikey have yer back, as well as the rest of the fandom, yo! Sorry it's taken so long to respond to said post from last week, I've been MAD BUSY with life in general. Oddly enough, this leads right into this week's new spiffy comic, entitled, "Busy". Now what makes this so odd, you ask? Lemme tell yah!

I usually have most strips drawn out or written ahead of time. Being that I am now only doing 1 strip a week, (sometimes two, even tho one is only released, or one is released, the other is drawn and not inked at all...) I had this comic completed in basic pencils two weeks ago. Yeee-ah. And it's finally now getting released? granted, there is the whole once a week schedule, but two weeks ago I didn't follow that idea too well? Did I? I think not. so the fact the strip is about everyone being Busy sums up my life as of late.

But don't worry. I'm still lurking about, bringing whatever info that Tokka, (the dude himself) doesn't get out to you (barely ANYTHING slips by him, he's a BEAST! :-) ) or Mike doesn't seem to get out to you, and bringing you more peachy keen comic goodness.

-->>TMNT 2.2 !!
IGN's E3 TMNT-2 Peek starts here..

--Ign's TMNT 2 Screenshot gallery 1..

--Ign's TMNT 2 Screenshot gallery 2..

-- Game Spot's Pix index starts here !!

..i'm .. i- i- .. i'm dumbfounded!! Yeh..there's only one emoti-con for this news..
-->> ..up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,A,B,start..'s pretty official at this point.. !!
Game Spot.. has 2 of the press releases ..

--G.S.'s Press Release 1 (and news)..

--G.S.'s Press Release 2 ..
..what's really cool (to me) is the ability to un-locka classic TMNT game !! ..while they don't give details yet.. that just seems to cool ,especially if your a TMNT newbie and just can't get 'nuff.. Turtle finger tappin n' joystick crackin'!!

..and this time..there is a 4 player mode!!

..get ta readin'!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

-->> ..better REZ..??

..some cool and not-do-cool news from T-drome's P.J.::
"Our man Dan Berger has delivered unto us some GREAT news concerning the next TMNT videogame from Konami. Apparently he has recieved a video that shows more detailed models and much more fluid animations! Not only that but the next game WILL be FOUR PLAYER! Konami has listened to the fans and we've got what we asked for! The title has a release date of October 22nd 04, subject to change of course.

A rumor killer from him as well. There currently is no TMNT movie in the works. Although that doesn't mean they aren't trying!"

Bodacious 8) ..n' Bummer .. 8(

--..also..thanks again to the folks who sent some onfo on Best Buy and the TMNT volume 9 vid ..they had 1 at a Best Buy north in town and it must be some weird early release thing..or maybe some got shipped out on accident.. still cool vid with Triceratons,Fugitoid.. and a funny how-to on the TMNT ccg !! 8D

.. thanks again, folx!!

Monday, May 10, 2004

-->> T-drome's forums are workin' again ..fer sure !!

Sunday, May 09, 2004

heart heart..
-->> ..Happy day,mommies!! 8)

--..hey..gimmee a minute here!!

T-drome's Forums are buggin' a bit// hopefully they'll be back soon.. stay tuned!!


Friday, May 07, 2004

-->> !!
.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIKEY !! Let's have a Cupcake party!! Wa-hoo!! GRAAHH !!

Thursday, May 06, 2004

-->>  !?!
..well now..
..the Forum's N.Gimmick re recently posted that he hooked up with a TMNT Volume DVD 9 two weeks ago !!
While maybe they put it out early.. it seems Best Buy may be worth checking out.. maybe you'll get lucky.. but don't hold yir breath..

..breathings good ya know!! 8)
Well, thanks to JASON, BOB and PHIBES, we know that for sure Best Buy is carrying the DVD in question. Thanks for the tip, guys!

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

-->> ..:(
yeh.. Nick's Right.. ..i'm sad to say i jumped the Gun on the TMNT vid.. guess i got so excited..

..i checked the Targets,Kmart, and Media Play ..all in vain.. and i'm sorry if
i caused anyone confusion..

.. so MAY 18 ..Volume 9 .. TMNT..
.. sorry sorry sorry..
..'scuse me while i go curl into a pupa-position under the sink and cry
like a school girl who just lost her puppy..


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Salutations, TMNT fans! Today we have a bit of some Creamy 4 panel comic goodness and just one day short of when I thought I'd have it done! We've not had a 4 panel-er in a while. Despite that, or the side note that someone at work actually had a dicussion with me where "Riddle me This" was said, followed by my shock of him using the phrase, overall, there's not too much to say....

Except for If you'd like to join the D4K mailing list, which is just me e-mailing you when the comic is updated, go ahead and e-mail at

Also, before I leave, I actually had to re-edit the post, but I was checking out the amazon link for...

Volume 9..OUT NOW!!

and it reads being released on May 18th. Does anyone have anything to back this up or did Amazon just majorly goof? I'd rather not ahve any of you drive long distances today to get it and realize it's not on sale yet. Anyone??

-->> Volume 9..OUT NOW!!'s Tuesday!!
..TMNT Volume 9: Turtles in Space ..should be out on the store shelves takin' up space, just waitin' for you Terestrial Terrapins !!

--NTN's N.V. sez:

"I was visiting the site of my bud Kyle Hebert(all around cool voice acting guy) and he mentioned something interesting on his main news page. Rob Paulsen ('popular voice actor and voice of Raphael in the oringinal TMNT cartoon') has his own site up complete with website forum!

Check it out ! .."

..8) !!


Saturday, May 01, 2004

-->> yir back,Raph!!.. o' sh7t..i think i took out the Tires on the General's Hum Vee.. RUUUUNN!!
.. TMNT: Volume 9 hits the shelves this TUESDAY,kiddos !!
.. & good ol' Splint from T-Drome has..::

"We have a release date, and some limited news about Volume 11 of the new TMNT cartoon series. It seems we're in for a bit of a wait on this one. While 10 will be out June 8th, Volume 11th won't street until the 17th of August. Judging by the title of the DVD, we can likely expect the following episodes to be included on the disc.

#35 - The Ultimate Ninja
#36 - Reflections
#37 - Modern Love: The Retun of Nano
#38 - What a Croc (Unconfirmed)

The news comes from our good friends at And you can already pre-order this release from DVD Planet. Just follow the links."

--..the News is here!!
--DVD planet's listing is here for pre-order!!
..there ya go,buckos.. not such a bad update if i do say so myself.. 8}