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-->> S.Murphy.. ::"A piece of character design art for the as-yet-untitled sub-branding of the TMNT 2008 cartoon season. While not to be considered final art, this will give you an idea of where the animation style might be headed: a bit more stylized than that of both the 2K3 and FF iterations." ..>v<

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-->> ..imperative TMNT tip offs,news and gossip from the past week or so,movie bits,Toon spots and Bigfoot sightings,some more crap ya already knew,and the usual buttload of Tricks n' treats Turtle style .. Round-up time !! Sorry i'm late..

Turtle tabs with **Murph::

- Movie sequel status..

"The upshot of yesterday's (last Thursday ~t )meeting with Imagi is that while Imagi remains interested in doing a sequel, certain bugs in the distribution and marketing system have to be worked out with Warner Brothers before a green light can be given. Mirage has therefore granted Imagi an extension of several more months to arrive at a conclusive decision, and a follow-up meeting has been scheduled for a month from now...."

- TMNT toon 2008 stats..

Mirage, 4Kids and Playmates Toys have agreed upon a new direction for the 2008 post-Fast Forward television series (Season 8), one that takes some of the more realistic (and less humorous) elements of the "Overload" concept (blogged below somewhere) and marries it to the 2K3 and FF continuity. While I'm not allowed to divulge too much just yet, I can quote this from the actual pitch:

"The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back in New York, ready to race across the rooftops and take on all challengers!

"Not only are Casey and April back and ready to bust some bad guy butt, but a brand new, super advanced Turtle Lair is under construction (thanks to some hi-tech know-how Donatello garnered from the future), and, of course, there are all sorts of new heavy duty Turtle vehicles gearing up to roar down the streets of NYC and give the Foot a taste of some serious Turtle firepower!

"The stakes have never been higher, their enemies have never been stronger... and if the Turtles are going to be triumphant they’ll need to work together in ways they never have before."

The animation style will also be a bit more streamlined or stylized (depending on your point of view) in order to bring the per episode budget down a bit...

- Our UK licensee Titan has been publshing a monthly TMNT magazine, coloring and serializing Mirage's 5 movie prequel comics in each issue. At left are two pages from the Leo book, wonderfully colored by Kristy Miller. **Click here

- Here's the front and back CD sleeve art to a Japanese disc featuring several versions of a cover of the TMNT 2K3 theme song. .. **Click, Front.. & **Back

- Dan B. & Official TMNT site::

- **Posted the preview for "Raphael Bad Moon Rising" #4. It's finally at the printer now!

- **Added TMNT Season 1 Part 2 of 2 to the current cartoon DVDs page.

- **Added TMNT Season Five to the classic cartoon DVDs page. We do not have a copy of this set, so if some kind-hearted folks can shoot me the list of episodes contained on the discs, I'd be much obliged.

-Work on the Tales of the TMNT Original Volume One Series Treasury Edition is almost completed and the book will hopefully be out at the end of November.

Lots of news today!

* 13 new episodes of the TMNT cartoon are now in production for broadcast in the fall of 2008! After months of back-n-forth, all partners agreed on a new direction and the Turtles toon is back on the hot track! We can't reveal any specifics yet, but everyone's favorite Gang Green will be returning to present-day NYC and battling the baddies with their buddies Casey Jones and April O'Neil! This next phase of the show will feature new art direction that will tie the 2003 toon designs into the animated movie style by Imagi!

* 4Kids Home Video currently plans to release the "Ninja Tribunal" cartoon episodes on DVD in North America sometime in the "first half of 2008"!

* Ubisoft will begin production on the next TMNT video game soon! At the moment, the plan is for an all-new adventure that's not based on any other project, but the same models will be used that were featured in their movie game. More details to follow as things shift into high gear.

* Plans for the Turtles' 25th Anniversary celebration (taking place in 2009) are underway. A logo for the event is in development as are other special projects. At the moment it looks pretty certain that there will be a special edition reprint of the original Eastman and Laird volume one #1 comic book. More info on the other projects as things become clearer.

* This holiday season, Hot Topic will unveil boutiques dedicated to the TMNT retro merchandise and apparel. Hot Topic will have some exclusive items that feature artwork of Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady and will be an ideal place to find the retro merch!

* BioWorld has just signed on as the TMNT licensor for men's and women's head gear, bags, wallets, wristbands, belts and buckles. Look for their debut items this holiday season with new products being released on into the new year!

* Edible Arrangements just signed a deal to produce TMNT-themed fresh fruit bouquets! The next time you want to express your love to someone, send 'em a kick-butt (and highly nutritious) Ninja Turtles fruit basket - and everyone wins!

* Good Stuff signed on as the licensee to produce TMNT soft toys for amusement vending and redemption centers. Look for their Turtle items at amusement parks, game arcades and participating retail chains all across the US!

* Kurt Adler will be producing Christmas ornaments that will be available at Wal-Mart this holiday season!

* Kohl's will be hyping the Season One Part 1 DVD set of the current toon this holiday season with front-of-store displays, an ad campaign and more!

-**Posted the preview for "Tales of the TMNT" #39

-"Raphael: Bad Moon Rising" #4 is currently on schedule to ship in mid-late November. The artwork is finished, but it still needs to be lettered, packaged and sent to the printer.

-"Tales of the TMNT" #40 is at the printer now (hallelujah) and will be out in mid-November!

-We're scrambling to get the Tales of the TMNT Volume One collected book ready to go to the printer in the first week of November, so with any luck it will be out at the end of that month. Unfortunately I discovered in the eleventh hour that we did not have images of the toned artwork, so it's been a mad dash to get the original comics scanned and cleaned up. Peter Laird is pitching in to help with this time-consuming task, so we're doing our best to see that it's out on time.


4Kids TV On Demand celebrates Halloween as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles take on the spookiest mutants and monsters in five of the most chilling TMNT adventures ever. TMNT Mutants & Monsters can be seen exclusively on 4Kids TV On Demand now through November 5. 4Kids TV On Demand is available in 13.5 million homes through Comcast Cable, Cox Communications and Bresnan Communications.

TMNT Mutants & Monsters will feature the following episodes:

All Hallows Thieves - It’s Halloween and all the freaks are out… especially the King of Thieves. He manages to bring to life an old idol, which wreaks havoc upon the town with its legion of gremlins.

I, Monster - On a training exercise in an abandoned brick works in the boroughs, Casey Jones and our four Turtle friends run afoul of a strange “man.” This is the
Rat King … and even though they don’t know it, the Turtles have met him before.

The Darkness Within - When Angel’s brother disappears in the Wall Street area, the Turtles jump to help her. Turns out that, as a result of all the destruction from the Triceraton invasion, an ancient horror has been stirred.

Bishop's Gambit - Bishop is back and making his move. His research demands a mutated specimen closer to human … a rat: Master Splinter. Bishop kidnaps Splinter and moves to finish the creation of his genetically enhanced super soldiers.

The Entity Below - The Entity and his kind are awakened through a rare planetary alignment. Harnessing great power, they proceed to start shifting the tectonic plates in order to bring back their world.

- **The TMNT will be making an appearance at Boston Medical Center's "Halloween Town" - hit their site for more info!

-Dan sent in the following info:

Just a heads up to spread to other fans, the Big Foot figures are shipping. I received the two that I ordered earlier this week:

-Dario Brizuela has posted some art from Tales of the TMNT #38 on his blog.

**You can checkout the making of the cover and some **sample grey-tone pages.

Tales of the TMNT #38 is currently available in comic shops, or directly from Mirage Studios at

- .. **some colored pages from the Leonardo movie prequel comic, which was previously published in black and white.

I'm guessing this is for the UK TMNT Comic magazine publication that has been printing segments of the prequel comics in color for each issue.


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-->> Murphy ::"Back in the day - the retro day - none of the art produced for t-shirts etc was done digitally, and little of the original black and white art was saved and thus isn't available to be scanned.

As a result we've had to hire the original licensing art team of Ryan Brown and Steve Lavigne to produce "new" retro art based on the old in order to create a new retro style guide for licensees. Along the way a decision was also made to get one of the artists who worked on the 2K3 style guide to do some "retro" art, an example of which is posted here, both in rough sketch and final art form. While it's an excellent piece of work... it ain't exactly retro, at least in my opinion...."

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-->> IMAGI ..Sorta news from Mr.Murphy of Mirage.. and RETRO MERCH info !!

From today's

"Whoa dude, our original fans are in their 20s now

by Gary Rusak

Time flies. Or in this case, we should say it does roundhouse kicks, wields nunchakus and eats a lot of pizza. 4Kids Entertainment's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are turning 25 in 2009, but the IP owner is getting the celebration off the ground early with a new retro-inspired licensing program debuting at US retailer Hot Topic in November.

Building upon the success of the retro apparel program from licensee Giant Merchandising, 4Kids and Mirage Licensing have developed a comprehensive TMNT retro campaign based on the art from the original late-80's TV series. TMNT retro boutiques will roll into 700 Hot Topic stores next month, accompanied by a feature page on the retailer's website ( Along with apparel, the boutiques will proffer caps, beanies and belt buckles from Bioworld. Other licensees onboard the TMNT retro program include NECA (collectible figures), Etchstar (laser etchings on iPods and laptops) and Disguise (Halloween costumes for TMNT's lead characters), and product will continue to rollout during 2008 and into the 25th anniversary year.

-**Murph: "Both the owner and the CEO of Imagi (the TMNT movie animation studio) will be visiting us from Hong Kong for a day of meetings next week. Surely this is a good sign...?"



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-->> Courtesay of Roseangelo ..

Tales of the TMNT #38 - Cover Sketches & Greytones
Dario Brizuela has posted some art from Tales of the TMNT #38 on his blog.

You can checkout the **making of the cover and some **sample grey-tone pages.

Tales of the TMNT #38 is currently available in comic shops, or directly from Mirage Studios at


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-->> Talbot's Spooky Leo rears his head .. n' other haunted pizza bits an other wise weak news week !! ::

- The one and only Mikey (( that put the "Mikey" in Mikey's TMNT )) is featured in a new multimedia Photo essay !!

for the killer fun essay !!

- Excellent tip offs and eye candies ((more treats than tricks)) from my pal Roseangelo ::

- Tales of the TMNT Collected Book #4 Bookplate info .."Here's a look at the bookplate you'll receive if you purchase Tales of the TMNT the Collected Books Volume 4 from" ((**Click here))

- **Tales of the TMNT #43 info ((February, 2008 listing))**

- **Tales of the TMNT: Collected Book 5 info ((February, 2008 listing)).. ..**more info also here @

- Thank the great turtle for friends like Rose to remind me to check in on the ghoulish brain of Mirage's resident Boogeyman Booger Brain :Eric Talbot ..more often than not..his art blog will bring back Heroic Turtle Terrors to the Beakie Bubble Boy's beady little peepers.. ::like your favourite Half-shell heroes well as other Groovie Ghoulies ..all manifested from the creepy claws of one of the most inspiring Zombie Tooner Toonists this side of the Pizzaface's Anchovie Cemetary n' Fishy Memoratorium.. !!

** Leo sees you .. ((**Click))

** Turtles, Hellboys and heroes !! ((**Click))

- My freeky ,frizzled Krang fan n; friend Vaughn Michael is cleaning up his stock of ├╝ber-rare vintage TMNT & Power Ranger toys, n' figs. With a rating of 100 % Vaughn is one of the most trusted sellers on Ebay ((i'd know.. i've purchased classic Turtle figs from him myself !!)). Items for sale are in good collector quality. And all sales go to a good cause.

**Click here for V.M.'s main Ebay listing.. !!

Current items include the elusive P.R. Zeo baddie.. Rita Repulsa's icky bonehead brother ** Rito Revolto , and the Zeo Ranger monster:: The Poppin' punchin' problematic power punk ** Punch-a-bunch

Keep an eye on this REALpower seller for more great items !!

- A few weeks back i jumped the shark a bit .. ((tho' it was a TMNT related news)) and reported on **Marvel Toy's Legendary Comic Book Heros line. Picking up where the famous Marvel Legends figures left off..but this time featuring classic indy comic heroes from the past 15 years plus including past Turtle cross-over favourites like Vangaurd & Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon.

The new line is incredible..and actually had me reflecting on the original Savage Dragon toys from Playmates released in 1996 along with the now infamous Jim Lee's TMNT figures. However ..there was one Dragon i forgot about. One figure so cool's worth mentioning even now !!

2002 .. to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Image Comics and the core artists and titles that helped bring the comapny that changed the face of comic forever .. McFarlane Toys released a set of action figures of four of the original Image Comics heroes. Save Dragon was one of those four special releases.

Originally only available through Diamond.. the line consisted of Spawn,Ripclaw,Shadowhawk,and S.D. ..and are now seen sometimes popping up online and on Ebay. While a bit less articulated the current Marvel figure.. the McFarlane release is massive. McFarlane's Artisans even made my beak drop with how impressive the figure looks with his powerful fighting stance. To scale at around 7"-8" with the current Spawn toys and even the TMNT movie toys. You may be interested in taking a look at this impressive Green Teen Team Tower and Friend if you missed him the first time around.

** Image 10th Anniversary Figure gallery starts here..

** While Dragon's 10th Anniversary figure and Quick Time movie Turn-around gallery are here !! **


OUT !! ..

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-->> ..checkin' in with the official home base for the Green Guys and Danny B. ..::

- Titan is running a contest for the TMNT comic book series:



London, October 2007 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comic have launched a fantastic competition with, inviting children to create a villain who will get to battle the TMNT in the comic next year! The winner, as chosen by Titan, will also get a framed picture of their villain, drawn by an official comic artist.

There’s also a TMNT Fast Forward DVD for the winner and 3 runners-up, and copies of the comic for all.


Shredder, Jammerhead and the Foot Clan have all tried, and failed, to beat the awesome foursome… kids under the age of 16 who think they can do better can visit and download the official entry form. Closing date for entries is October 15, 2007. Terms and conditions are available on **

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comic is out every four weeks, priced £2.60. Each issue has a cool free gift, plus all-new comic strips, puzzles and features and news on TV programs and DVD releases. Issue 6 is out now with a free inflatable fighting staff.

Subscribe today, visit


TMNT Best Seller ;Jake Black has a new book out ..!!

Jake: " This is a book I co-wrote with TMNT guru Steve Murphy. It features activity pages and a comic-like adaptation of the recent Turtles movie.

I wrote the activity pages. You can buy it here: ((**CLICK)). They'll ship to the US.

I got my copy today, and I really quite like it!"

- Adult TMNT Costume info courtesy of Roseangelo ..

**Click here for more information and stock photo. These have yet to be seen by me or Rose ..but they may be available at costume places and retailors like Party America..

..i need a thicker neck,NECA !!
It's NECA TIME ..~~ **

-->> thanks to Cyn and Roseangelo for the heads up to my beaky brain.. ::

From **Murphy >:: "Here's a glimpse of NECA's first TMNT sculpt submission. As you can see, it is totally right on with regards to the way the TMNT looked in the first Mirage comic. PL was thrilled too, and had only one minor change to suggest with regards to the neck (not entirely visible here), asking that it be either shortened or thickened by about 20%.

Off to a great start!"



.. tOkKa posted in accordence ..

"..most of the basic NECA figures of all their licences usually range from 7 - 10" scale 'pending on the character and the needs of a particular licence.

.. These figures should be to scale .. to the current TMNT Movie line by Playmates. I spect tho' ..the Turtles themselves may be a tad shorter than the movie figs.

The TMNT headknockers.. if those are go .. will be a neace weighty resin about 6 - 7" in scale as well..

..NECA is noted for it's detail and styling as well has been acknowledged and awarded ..

..we are talking about 'MC Farlane' style quality .. and better.

So .. this is the tip of the iceberg ..

and if you already enjoy NECA product.. you already know that this just isn't potentially gonna be good.


.. so there.. "

- TMNT Fast Forward Halloween Costume Alert courtesy of Roseangelo.. !! **


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**Misc. Bits.. and the TMNT T.V. Shuffle..

Turtle Toddlers Terrorize in terrible 2 + twoz..

- The Following courtesy of Roseangelo of Ninja Pizza,S.Murphy, and GW ..::

Turtles move to CW .. ::
Murphy::"TMNT to move from Fox to The CW in '08

Breaking news (from Kidscreen.

"It looks like the 2007-08 season will be the last for top-rated Saturday morning terrestrial block Kids' WB! Fledgling net The CW, spawned from the merger of UPN and The WB in 2006, will be dropping the block as of the 2008-09 season in favor of 4Kids Entertainment programming, which currently airs on Fox on Saturday mornings. 4Kids has effectively doubled its terrestrial presence by striking a five-year deal with The CW to program its Saturday morning kids block, as it's also renewed its current agreement with Fox for the 2008-09 season.

"The planned five hour 4Kids block on The CW will air between 7 a.m. and 12 p.m. 4Kids will take care of national ad sales, but will share revenue from the block with The CW, applying the net's portion against a guarantee.

"As for the programming lineup, expect 4Kids stalwarts like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to populate the block, however a set sked has yet to be hammered out.""

Murph:: TMNT: Overload... not

A month or so ago the producers/creative team at 4Kids Productions pitched their second idea (the first - codenamed "Superworld" - having been rejected by Mirage) for the 2008 TMNT cartoon season... TMNT: Overload.

The basic idea behind Overload is that the Turtles, while traveling through time on their return home from the Fast Forward future, briefly get stuck in the past alongside their "kid" selves, and then, thanks to the quantum mechanics of villainous plot shenanigans, all 8 turtles arrive in the year 2008 ("home").

Excerpted from the pitch materials:

"An incredibly powerful digital villain has taken over the World Wide Web, then sets his sights on the real world...

"The turtles take on their greatest (and most annoying) opponents ever... themselves as kids!"

Think "adventures in babysitting" and you've got the gist.

Anyway, while Overload got approved by Mirage - with a few minor revisions - the folks at Playmates Toys absolutely hated the concept. Among other reasons, Playmates thought the concept would create "market confusion" for the young children that comprise their core buyer segment; that is, that kids would get confused with there being two Leonardos, etc., and that the "kid turtles" would be "anti-aspirational."

Overload was then mothballed and Playmates made their own creative pitch for the 2008 cartoon season, one that got soundly rejected by both Mirage and 4Kids. (The Playmates pitch reached back deeply into the universes of both the original cartoon series and the Archie comics.)

So... where does that leave us? With 4Kids about to pitch their third idea...

To be continued.


Ultimate TMNT (also not)

Since we're on the topic of failed TMNT cartoon pitches, I'll share with you what little I can with regards to Playmates Toys' recent pitch for the 2008 toon season, working title "Ultimate TMNT."

Ultimate was an attempt "to bring the TV and CGI movie universes together" (pitch materials quote), albeit with a creative focus on and a tweaking of the original cartoon series, upping the humor level of the current series while still trying to walk the grungy streets of the original comic and recent movie.

Many past characters from various universes make their appearance. Most notable amongst the TMNT's regular allies are Usagi Yojimbo (shown here, and © Stan Sakai), Tattoo, Mondo Gecko and Hamato Yoshi/Splinter (toon origin version). Amongst the villains are Shredder (natch), Ruin (formerly Mutagen Man), Rat King, Slash and, um, Wingnut and Screwloose.

"For the first time ever... the turtles will be drawn and written as real teenagers. Their personalities and relationships will still be developing, their abilities and roles will still be growing and their training will be more intense than ever."

And so it goes... into the dustbin of TMNT business history.


((and the move from FOX to C.W. ..))

Murphy ..::Breaking news (from Kidscreen.

"It looks like the 2007-08 season will be the last for top-rated Saturday morning terrestrial block Kids' WB! Fledgling net The CW, spawned from the merger of UPN and The WB in 2006, will be dropping the block as of the 2008-09 season in favor of 4Kids Entertainment programming, which currently airs on Fox on Saturday mornings. 4Kids has effectively doubled its terrestrial presence by striking a five-year deal with The CW to program its Saturday morning kids block, as it's also renewed its current agreement with Fox for the 2008-09 season.

"The planned five hour 4Kids block on The CW will air between 7 a.m. and 12 p.m. 4Kids will take care of national ad sales, but will share revenue from the block with The CW, applying the net's portion against a guarantee.

"As for the programming lineup, expect 4Kids stalwarts like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to populate the block, however a set sked has yet to be hammered out."

** ** ** **

- Roseangelo:: New Japanese OP and ED Songs

New opening and ending theme songs for the Japanese dub of the 4Kids cartoon have now aired on TV Tokyo. **CLICK HERE **

- **COWBOYS DVD Petition ((**Click ))

If you'd like to voice support for the COWBoys on DVD, the above link is the place to do it.

Of course, the series was created by long-time TMNT contributor Ryan Brown - Support the TMNT "family"!

- Tales of the TMNT #40 Preview Pages

TMNT artist Diego Jourdan has launched his new Web site and with it he features three pages from the upcoming Tales of the TMNT #40.

You can check out these pages here, here, and here.

You can visit Diego's new site at:

((**Click the Thumbs ..))..

- Tales of the TMNT Collected Book #4 Now Available For Pre-Sale ((**Click))

- New Sketches From Eric Talbot (( Posts here** & Here ** )) ..

- New Fast Forward Comic Art //Artist Andres Ponce ((**Click))

[[ Special thanks to Rosemary for her help and kindness with the news and such the past several months. As well to as All my helpful contributers !! ♥ ♥ .. ~tOkKa ]]

~~ ** ~~

Important Official TMNT site bits..

Danny B. :: 4Kids Entertainment has completely updated their web site with tons of awesome new interactive content to reflect their new broadcasting schedule -** check it out!

-Ubisoft has re-inked their video game license and will be creating a new TMNT video game! We'll have details once the game goes into development.

- Posted the **extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #133 "Timing Is Everything"

- Posted the previews for Tales of the TMNT #38, Raphael Bad Moon Rising #3 and Tales of the TMNT Collected Books Volume 4. They should be in comic shops soon!

-Tales #39 is all done and should be out the third week of October (barring a catastrophe), but Raphael Bad Moon Rising #4 is wicked behind schedule and will probably be 2-3 weeks late

++ ++ ++ ++

- **New 2008 TMNT Figs and Vehicle reminder courtesy of Hero and TNI.. **CLICK**

- Special news courtesy of Ninjatron ..

That's right. They're coming back.

And the recent success of our favorite Turtles likely has something to do with it.

Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters. **CLICK

((..originally a Mirage Blessed TMNT Parody !! ~t ))

** TMNT and related news you wanna share .. tell me and get full credit n' kudos !!

..adios for now ,Prickle pals.. !! B B L .. !!