Saturday, March 25, 2006

-->> Today's the big day !! TMNT hits it's 100 mark on 4-Kids T.V. !! Hope you've been keepin' a check list on the 'Top 100 Reasons..', cuz those will be your clues to entering the..

TMNT 100th Episode Celebration Sweepstakes !!


Congrats TMNT on the BIG 100 !!


Thursday, March 23, 2006

-->> ..yea-hawww !! Yet 'nuther round up to catchya up on the hottest TMNT news bits n' blitz that the week ahs to offer ( and some ya may have missed !!) ::


--Ross May is a comic book writer and TMNT fan !! Ross also has had the dream-job of working directly for Murphy's 'Tales of TMNT' as of January's issue 19 !! Super smart in the ways of the Ninja,ghosts, n' Gamera .., slammin' writing skills,intresting and a really REALLY nice guy .. !!


Ross offers a few Tales- #22 teasers,break downs of his Turtle story,inside work, insight on life and his future with the Turtles (and comics) !!

Be sure to check his Blog for info on this up and coming comic writer :: 'ROSS MAY - Writer @ Large !! **Click here !!

-- In other 'Tales' news..Our friend, Dierna brings word of a special follow-up to Tales - #5 ..a special Leonardo 4 parter ..!!

"This all-new 4-issue mini-series picks up immediately
after the events of the fan-favorite (and sold-out)
Tales of the TMNT #5! Blinded and depressed, Leonardo
seeks to take a break on the rooftops of New York. But
an unfortunate misstep leads to a tragic series of
events that culminate in a face-off between the
Turtles and the New York City Police Department! This
one’s not to be missed!.."

** Click here for Newsarama's special interview with Jim Lawson ..creator of Leo's next 'Blind Sight' chapter !!

** And thanks to Cyn :: ~~** Here is a link to TMNT-L's opinionated Newsarama image-peek on Blind Sight !!

-- Our pal, Wikka sez.. " On VH1's "I Love Toys" (spin-off of "I Love the 80's"), TMNT got #33 out of 100 for the best toys of all time... " ..

..and we wanna remind you to Vote for TMNT for the # 1 spot on next year's 'I love Toys' !! **Click here to go to VH1 to vote for TMNT ..and your other Plastic-pals.. and vote as many times as ya want !!

-- ** Checkit'out !! Official TMNT 'Radio Disney'4-kids' Tour Pix from all over the nation !!

** In a side note: tOkKa is very much a night person much of the time and is usually jugglin' more barrels of monkies than a Rodeo Clown lost in the jungle. Meaning i'm not always able to update TMNT news on a regular baisis. That's why i started these 'TMNT Round Ups' give you a nice low-down on all the latest Turtle gossip & news i uncover in one full scoop!!

I want to thank all of you for your continued support over the years. Tokkie has been a handful i know.. and i know i've not always been the easiest person to deal with, understand or handle (and it ain't just cuz of the prickles !!). Thanks also go to Nitro who sometimes steps in to offer a bit of Turtle Bits to the page !! As the night progresses or if i can make the time i update the News page here as often as i can..between work, artworks,and balancing out Mikey's sister site :: !! terrible2z . If you have any Turtle related news you'd like to share ..(and get full props and pimps for it ..) just E-MAIL tOkKa and i'll get it up here as timely as i can !! Ok ..hang on to yir horses !! There's more to come !!


Thursday, March 16, 2006

TMNT V.4 # 27

-->> Michelangelo and some horny company !!

.. " Next expected release: April 26, 2006

Written by Peter Laird. Illustrated by Jim Lawson.

This issue: Michelangelo goes from the frying pan and into the fire... Leonardo makes new friends... and Raphael and Donatello join the assault on the Xihad camp!

Next expected release: March 15, 2006

Next issue to be pulled: 21 (Late)

by Ryan Brown, Murphy, & Dario Brizuela

“A WRINKLE IN TIME” — This issue gives all-new meaning to the word "cowabunga!" There are cowboys... and then there are cow-boys… bovine cowboys! Meet the Wild West COWboys of Moo Mesa as they team up with the TMNT in order to track down a powerful crystal shard and the rip snortin’, six-gun totin’ villain who stole it! Straight-shooting anthropomorphic action-adventure without the bull! .."

..thanks to SLASH for the quick comic-tip !!

-- Official NinjaTurtles d0t com has ..::
"Pierre Oitmann sent in the following info:

"Here is some info on a promotional TMNT DVD, which appeared in The Netherlands only.

"The title is 'De Grote Tovenaar', which means 'The Big Sorcerer' in Dutch. According to the cover it's 'an episode never before released on DVD'. I'm not sure what the original title of the episode is (Jennifer Waring informs us that it's "The King"), but I guess it’s an episode from the first series. The DVD is packaged in a card sleeve with full-colour artwork.

"This promotional issue was distributed by Bridge Pictures and only available at a chain of grocery stores in The Netherlands (November/December 2004). A very rare item.

"Following is a translation from the introduction story on the back of the card sleeve:

"The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back!
The mutated turtle brothers Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael are trained to be magnificent ninjitsu (ninja) warriors by their sensei Master Splinter, in the sewers of New York. The Turtles have to face the super evil Shredder and his diabolical Foot Ninjas, who are menacing the streets and alleys of New York. Will the Turtles seize them or will they end up as turtle soup?

"There also was a promotional DVD containing an introduction episode with the origin story, which was available only at several toy stores in The Netherlands, around the same time. I also have a copy of that, but I'd have to look for that one amongst my other DVDs. The artwork is pretty much the same as this one's, only it's packaged in a standard DVD case."

** CLICK here for the cover art !!


Wednesday, March 08, 2006


"Warner Bros. Pictures will handle domestic distribution of the first all-CGI-animated film in the popular "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" franchise, while the Weinstein Co. will take international territories.

Warners will release the film on March 30, 2007. An overseas release date was not announced.

TWC and Warners jointly acquired worldwide distribution rights last fall from Imagi Services, which obtained the production and distrib rights from the Mirage Group, which in turns owns and manages the popular kids franchise.

Animation vet Kevin Munroe is directing and writing. He developed the screenplay in consultation with "Turtles" comic book co-creator Peter Laird.

" 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' represents a brand that is widely recognized all around the world, and we think this new CG version will be a huge hit among audiences everywhere," said TWC co-chair Harvey Weinstein, who made the announcement with Warner Bros. Pictures prexy of distribution Dan Fellman.

Studio and TWC said the new PG-rated film will be slightly grittier than the three live-action "Turtles" movies released by New Line more than a decade ago. Combined, those three pics grossed more than $256 million at the U.S. box office.

Imagi USA prexy-CEO Thomas K. Gray, who produced two of the earlier "Turtles" films, and Galen Walker are producing. Francis Kao, Laird, Gary Richardson and Frederick Fierst are exec producers.

CGI animation is being created in Imagi's facility in Hong Kong."

-- Also from the TMNTd0t com..

"Brian Proud sent in another updated link regarding FUNimation's next DVD (we've got an e-mail in to FUNimation to try to get an updated schedule for the DVDs now, hopefully we'll hear from them soon.."..(** Click here for the article ..including artwork for Volume 3.7 of the current TMNT 'toon..'Hun on the Run' )

--"The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Winx Club and Radio Disney are teaming up this Spring for a nationwide tour! The tour will also feature live musical acts (in select cities), costumed characters, interactive booths and hundreds of prize and giveaway opportunities!

If kids don’t wish to participate in the challenge or audition, they can play the Turtle Trivia Challenge or the Winx Club Trivia Challenge to win cool giveaways, meet-and-greets with their favorite Turtle or Winx Club character and pick up free giveaways at the booths and much more!

4Kids Entertainment is supporting the tour with a comprehensive marketing campaign including retail, online, broadcast and print. Local Radio Disney stations will promote the tour with spots in each scheduled market.

To find out more information about each of the tours go to,,, and"


-- Finally .. thanks go to HERO the U.K. .. concerning TMNT toy availability overseas.. ::
TMNT toys have begun to surface again in the UK. In particular The Entertainer are doing a buy 1 get 1 free offer on the basic figures range.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

-->> .. oi..ok, tOkKie-pokies.. tOkkA took a beatin' back there in Tumbleweed Town.. but no time to rub the salve on his tOkKa-tookus.. there's alotta notes let's get started ..::

--..Good,pal Dierna..never lets us down.. last week she was on the spot with 2 cool TMNT interviews (in case ya hadn't seen ..thanks ,D !!) !! ::

1)"The Comics Review has an interview with Murphy, Writer
of Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the TMNT
Cartoon, Managing Editor/Mirage Publishing, and
Creative Director/Mirage Licensing. There are also
images from upcoming issues of Tales as well as info
on Season 5..".. ..(** Follow the link.. click here !! )

2)"TMNT Storyboard artist Shannon Denton..On his blog at (**click for the jump !!) ..Storyboard artist
Shannon Denton mentions the TMNT. This guy is
responsible for season 5. Im slightly worried since
he's the storyboard artist for...Krypto(now I know
who's responsible for Lex Luthor looking like a green
conehead)...but he also did the art work in Jimmy
Neutron,JLA/U, and he's a cute cowboy! all is
forgiven. *lol*

Anyways here's his blog entry:

So I'm pounding away on a storyboard for new season of
Ninja Turtles. I'm always amazed at much work it is to
storyboard ninjitsu battle scenes. It's probably
because A) I have never been in a knifefight with four
mutant turtles and B) I am only half ninja.

Anyhow, I turned on Cartoon Network this morning to
refamiliarize myself with the show. Watching the TV it
dawned on me I have multiple shows I've worked on
airing on Cartoon Network. This is more shows per week
than at any other point in my career. Teen Titans,
Ninja Turtles, Krypto, Justice League, Juniper Lee,
Ozzy & Drix... and they are all on the air right now!
(and soon my episode of HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi I wrote as
well) And this is just Cartoon Network! I've reached a
cartoon peak!

And on this site you can see his artwork:

Also at there's contact
info for him if ya wanna email him, his bio, and lots
of other stuff!.."


-- While i'm not to sure if these 2 TMNT designs are exclusive to the store.. TARGET mens' department has the 2 tees (approx. $9.99 each). One features very new-school; Khary Randolph art work..the second features a really cool classic Turtle montage that's to cool for ol' school!! Pick 'em up this week and you should be able to catch them on sale.

Side notes as of late from the official TMNTd0t com..::

--"Lots of people have sent in the following link regarding the next DVD to be released of the current cartoon series. Unfortunately I haven't been given any updates, but it looks like FUNimation has changed their schedule from the one that's posted on our DVDs page. Click the link .. for more details:(**Click !!).. "

--"General Mills is holding an instant win sweepstakes for their TMNT Fruit Snacks. Consumers must purchase the box with instant win opportunity and look inside (winners pay for shipping costs). 3000 Lucky winners will have the chance to win a Playmates Toys TMNT Battle Shell with the purchase of the General Mills TMNT Fruit Snack: (** for a pic of the promo-box ;~tOkK).."

..and in case ya missed it..

David Oxford sent in the following info:

"There's a site called Retrojunk that archives all these old commercials and TV show openings/credits from the '70s, '80s, and '90s, and they recently added some stuff from what they call the "red sky" era of the original toon. The opening is here (**Click !!) and Intro 7 is the closing credits. They cut off a bit at the start and finish, unfortunately, but still a good view for anyone who didn't see it to start with.

"They also have foreign openings (Hero Turtles and such), and an article about the red sky eps here. (**Click here for the jump !!)"