Friday, September 20, 2002

I updated again! Well I tried to. Some template error or something is going on, but don't worry, at least take comfort that I DID publish the strip, and when the template gets fixed, all shall be right in the world.

For those who can't see it cos of blogger being stupid, here is Strip 10. It's a sequel to Strip 8, called One of the Top Ten Ways To Piss a DJ Off

Also due to some small snafu's in my knowledge of posting, here are some of the past strips I tried to update, but didn't get a good chacne to mention.

Ten Years Later:
Erika Christensen is Inside the Actor's Studio

One Out of Ten Ways To Piss a DJ Off...

Tis' The Season

The Board of Directors

Hope you enjoy! And Also if you forgot, TMNT 2 and 3 is out on DVD! While I've not seen 3 at stores, 2 is coming in the nice plastic cases and not the flimsy cardboard snap cases most New Line/Warner Bros. DVDs come in! Go get it, out on DVD now!

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