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..our next big T-shirt photo.. SMILE,Guys!!

-->> ..more n' a mouth full..the MOVIE directors are shellin' out so much gossip'll be so excited ..y'll poke yir eyes out !! Sit back n' relax.. and absorb the movie goodness.. this news is so fresh.. you can almost smel lthe warm buttered movie popcorn in the lobby !! Get to readin' !!

Dan Berger @ official TMNT ..

T.V. toon bits first..

--Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #97, "Insane in the Membrane" (**Click)

-TMNT movie related links galore:

** - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Return: More Action, Fewer Catchphrases

** - TMNT Set Visit

** - Mako Lives Again In TMNT

** - On the Set of TMNT!

** - TMNT Animation Bay Visit!

** - RAISING SHELL: "TMNT" STUDIO VISIT (as reported earlier ..~tOkK)

** - Kevin Smith interview mentioning the film

"So how does Michelangelo take out a bad guy?
.. He uses his nunchucks; they still use their weapons, just you've got to kinda cut around it. It's the implication of a lot of stuff. For some reason, it's a hot button topic with the nunchucks for some reason, but nobody's really come down about the kitanas. That sort of seems that's so far out, that it's not as graspable by kids; you push it as much as you can. When you get nailed for it, you try to pull it back a little and still sort of try to maintain what you're going for."

-Kevin Munroe

** - On the Set of TMNT!

** - TMNT 2 trailer - now more clearly visible!

** - Flashback: Exclusive Video Interviews with Kevin Munroe and Tom Gray on TMNT and Gatchaman

** - "TMNT" Production Photos


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Hey, just to give a note because Tokka posted a common link like this, personally, I think Monroe is either doing a revolving door policy on these Studio visits, as i see the same answers almost verbatim given, but... some different questions asked.

Here is one I found from

And here is one I found on IGN. Note, this one is the longest one out of the two I found.

I can't wait to see this flick! Oh and for those tuning in, if you want the REAL scoops... as always TOKKA who works his bum off, delivers. Scroll further down just a bit to get the rest of the TMNT Round up!

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Ridin' off into the cold cold end of a tricky first month of the new year.. tOkKa's still got them ears under the brim of his hat still buzzin' with so much TMNT news.. n' more n' enuff to make him wanna go hit the booze. But ..meh .. comes with the territory. As of late ..things been lookin' more like 'Terror' than territory..and tOkKie's beak's been achin' summin' terrible (2z ??).. anyway.. lots to cover again.. Lezz'go !! ::

LeSean Thomas..::

..i'm very easily discouraged anymore.. as an outside writer and artist ..(and for some reason controversial ..i don't understand) ..i'm tossed around the industry and the fine-art communities in general as kind of this 'boogeyman'. It's very hard to live down this reputation. It's confusing & hurts like hell.

I'm AM driven by other artists and peers in the field. Ones i look to for a bit of hope and is prolly part the reason i've looked up to the people at Mirage in the first place.While i cannot commit to following every little tiny aspect of these folks..i do the best i can.

LeSean is one of those people. Coming off the Dreamwave TMNT comic as penciler in '03.. bigger things were in store for LeSean
..including his personal creation 'Cannon Busters' and lead Supe- Character designer on Adult Swim's hit 'The Boondocks'. The guys work is fluid-alive.. and the inspiration from animation explodes off the pages from just his comic work alone. It's no wonder he was pegged for Story Boarding for some key cartoon projects. It's been a few years since i met the guy. But he's incredibly nice ..and so damm smart. I even mentioned how much he reminded me of Don Bluth which he thought was a great compliment.

Rocket's recent TMNTmovie coverage prompted me to buy the magazine. To my suprise ..there was a sweet little interview with LeSean in the same magazine. I've uploaded it for those who are unable to get the mag so you to can to can see what's just so d4mm cool about the guy !!

Click the Pic..** The interview will enlarge in a new window for you..::

- Novelization and Books galore based on 'TMNT' ..have hit the shoppes ..the Generals are coming ..and you can study if ya want on all the bag guys,movie points, and Michelangelo's journal if ya want so you can be prepared for when Gato n' Co. start treatin' NYC like thier kitty box. Catch up on the adventures of the Movie turtles !! It's been 14 years, dude !! Alot's been happenin' !! Here's a book round up for ya.. the first batch and more info can be found ** here on Simon Spotlight..

TMNT Movie Novelization

Adapted by Steve Murphy

This edition: Trade Paperback

Pub. Date: 01/2007

ISBN: 141694057X

List Price: $5.99


TMNT Movie Sticker Book

By Irene Kilpatrick

Illustrated by Style Guide

This edition: Trade Paperback

Pub. Date: 01/2007

ISBN: 1416940553

List Price: $6.99


TMNT: Cowabunga!

By Scott Nickel

Cover by Style Guide

Illustrated by Artful Doodlers

This edition: Trade Paperback

Pub. Date: 01/2007

ISBN: 1416934146

List Price: $3.99


TMNT: The Nightwatcher

By Tisha Hamilton

Cover by Style Guide

Illustrated by Artful Doodlers

This edition: Trade Paperback

Pub. Date: 01/2007

ISBN: 1416934154

List Price: $3.99


TMNT: Turtle Power!

By Danielle Denega

Cover by Style Guide

Illustrated by Artful Doodlers

This edition: Trade Paperback

Pub. Date: 01/2007

ISBN: 1416934138

List Price: $3.99


TMNT: Turtles Together

By Benjamin Harper

Cover by Style Guide

Illustrated by Artful Doodlers

This edition: Trade Paperback

Pub. Date: 01/2007

ISBN: 141693412X

List Price: $2.99


..While not listed to be released until October this year.. there is a book with a very interesting title for all ya aspirin' Turtle Scribblers !! ::

TMNT: Underground Art Studio

By Benjamin Harper

Illustrated by Artful Doodlers

This edition: Novelty

Pub. Date: 10/2007

ISBN: 1416938567

List Price: $9.99


The following books are not yet listed on the Simon & Schuster..but are on Amazon.These ARE available in stores now. Clicking on the title takes you to more information.

(This one and others in this series is illustrated by or friend ;Diego Jourdan ..~tOkK>

Leonardo Returns (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ready-to-Read) (Paperback) $3.99


Mikey's Nightwatcher Scrapbook (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) (Paperback) $4.99


The Legend of Yaotl (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (8x8)) (Paperback) $3.99

This one may be one of my favourites..illustrated by 'Tales-' artist Patrick Spaziante. The new character OBSERVER Levael-3.14. ..takes us back to the ancient Mayan,Aztec,Paxmec & Olmec civilizations..and shows us the the horrible history of the Mighty Yaotl..and his four Generals. She tells of an out of control conqueror seeks to take over the land. However,he hadn't counted on the destructive tools of his victory over the people to be mightier than him !! This lays the backdrop for the new baddies of the TMNT 4 movie.. and may very well be some of the biggest threats the Turtles have ever faced !!


- Official Turtle site updates of importance ..

Dan Berger ..::

"We received a shipment of older items from Playmates Toys and thus I've posted pix of the Electronic Fusion FX Bo Staff, Electronic Fusion FX Katana, Electronic Fusion FX Nunchaku, Electronic Fusion FX Sai, Ninja Tek Gear Don, Ninja Tek Gear Leo, Ninja Tek Gear Mike, Ninja Tek Gear Raph and the Paleo Patrol Sabre Cycle. Links are the Toys page under the 2006 heading. (*Click here to go straight to the page..)

- ..Writer Jake Black, who has written some children's books based on the TMNT movie, discusses his numerous projects in an interview at (*Click..)

-Mike sent in a direct link to Ezy DVD's pre-order page for the Australian release of the "Ninja Tribunal" DVDs.

-The S sent in this info:

The recent issue of Game Informer magazine (Feb. 2007 issue) has a two-page spread on the upcoming TMNT game.

-tOkKa sent in this info:

They are packin' Ubisoft's 'TMNT' game demos in the Turtle movie figs now.. least that's what i saw on the cards last night at Target. (These packs may be available later at other stores sooner or later ..knowing Playmates. It may be good to check into it if you wanna test drive it before you buy the actual game in March. ~tOkK)


-The current release date for Ubisoft's TMNT video game is March 20.


Tom Gray's office has confirmed that the voice cast for the Imagi TMNT film will be:

Master Splinter - Mako

April O'Neil - Sarah Michelle Gellar

Casey Jones - Chris Evans

Karai - Ziyi Zhang

Max Winters - Patrick Stewart

Greasy Diner Chef - Kevin Smith

General Aguila - Kevin Michael Richardson

Leonardo: James Arnold Taylor

Raphael: Nolan North

Donatello: Mitchell Whitfield

Michelangelo: Mikey Kelly

Thanks Tom and Howard!


-TMNT Sister Veronica wrote in to report that she spotted TMNT movie t-shirts at Wal-mart.

-Jorhan wrote in to notify Canadian fans that he's spotted some movie figures at Wal-mart.

-Hayat wrote in that the "Ninja Tribunal" DVD set will be released on March 7 in Australia. He sent this site: - I couldn't find any info about it, but I didn't spend much time there. Happy hunting.

-Brad sent in the following link depicting the next DVD set of the original cartoon series from Lionsgate: (*

-Cynthia sent in news that there will be a premiere for the TMNT movie on March 18 at Graumans theater. (*"

-As always.. when it comes to Official Turtle site updates.. i pick up on the the most imperative notes comic/toy release dates,interviews..ect. For the full list of TMNT official notes,Ebay listings, and contest winners.. **click here.

..'SCUSE ME THIS ..YOU GUYS SEEN the 'Shgetti Strainer ?? No i need for this hat thing were doin' .. ya know 'Cabaret'??  O' N.M. ..

-Kudos to my amigo macho for bringin' us this.. :: Really cool interview with Tom Grey .. 'TMNT' producer. This newer interview is pretty intrestin' at C.B.R. !!

** RAISING SHELL: “TMNT” STUDIO VISIT (** Click here) !!

-..i collect certain beach towels with my favourite characters..a trip to Wal-mart the other night wasn't a disappointment. These character towels usually are made by the same company.. & should be showing up at other stores thru'out the year .. (i.e. Target, Kmart.. ect.. ) .. so don't freek'll find 'em. beach towels are way better than bath towels any day after gettin' stinky clean in the putrid sewer bathwater !! Err wait sec' err..

..there may be other designs available later as well. We'll see

..i'll be back soon ,tOkKsters !!

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-->> ..nuff' b6tchin' .. we got work to do..

- Thanks 4 U.K news from my buddy ;Tookie ::

"...Argos! the new argos catalogue just came out today, and here's the page of TMNTs! i dunno if theyre actually on sale yet, as i picked it up at work, but least we are finally getting them!

..#20 looks cool, 3DVDs, which include "TMNT the movie plus 6 episodes from the popular TV series..." ! for £9.99 - bargain!"

-Thanks to James for nabbin' this from Diamond..::

"This month's Previews had a description for Giant TMNT PEZ dispensers:


..They should be out sometime in March."

- Our friend Leo also chimes in with this in on the New TMNT console game ..

.."take these,the new pix from PS2 and PC .. " (**Click here for a new caps gallery from the game !! Hopefully Wii pix are due soon !!)

-- Offical Turtle stats .. ::

Dan Berger :

** We just received copies of Tales of the TMNT - The Collected Books Volume Two from the printer, so it should be in comic shops soon.

**Updated the Books of the Future page with info about "Tales of the TMNT" #34.

A bunch of folks have sent in voice cast info for the new TMNT movie - we're still waiting to get a confirmed cast from Imagi, but since so many people are sending in the same list, I figured I'd post it in case some of you haven't seen it (just remember that this list has not been confirmed by Imagi yet, although it has turned up in various media sources):

Master Splinter - Mako

April O'Neil - Sarah Michelle Gellar

Casey Jones - Chris Evans

Karai - Ziyi Zhang

Max Winters - Patrick Stewart

Greasy Diner Chef - Kevin Smith

General Aguila - Kevin Michael Richardson

Leonardo: James Arnold Taylor

Raphael: Nolan North

Donatello: Mitchell Whitfield (** !! ~tOkK)

Michelangelo: Mikey Kelly

-Brian R. Bennett sent in the following:

I found this issue of PLAY magazine (January 2007) and thought it was good art. Thought it was a nice thing to have our boys in green on there. Then I got to thinkin' and strolling down memory lane and went digging through my turtle archives and pulled out this issue of Gamepro which also featured the turtles. What a good comparison shot, huh? 1990 Turtles to 2007 Turtles. Pretty different. Anyways, thought other fans would think this is interesting. Enjoy.

**Click for the 'Play' Magazine cover..

**Click for the classic 'Game Pro' cover..


Dunno what it is.. ya know i end up getting pulled in all sorts of spot-lights i ain' really ever expectin'. I'm not always proud how i've come off in the past.. bottom line is i've been workin' real hard to rectify that, change that. I really don't care how schizophrenic i am or how crazy they think i am.. i'm not out to get anyone and i got my arse to bust as much as anyone else. I'm runnin' outta steam to be dealing with stupid people with rude things to say. Past several weeks i been getting whipped left and right all over these internets..i just don't get it.

.. and as i have reacted and 'snapped' ,more humiliating developments occur and i'm always havin' to crawl back to my hole with my tail between my legs. Someone has a problem with me on Mikey's ..they end up NOT coming to me no matter how much i ask. Someone has an issue with me on another site..they hound me like i'm some kinda punching bag. Kinda the eternal mystery i guess..why this happens.

i also deal with many good and sweet people o i must try to keep this in mind.
But i'm getting to the end of my rope. It's also been thrown on the table what kinda 'FAN' i am.. and past couple months they've been leading my horse to water ..and getting me all pumped up and worked up.. only to land me and the horse in the middle of a mine field.

I can't say it enough .. i'm doing this cuz i care about this site,the TMNT franchise as a whole & a love for Mirage!! Yeh it's been a goal of mine to have some official TMNT work someday..this helps me keep on top of stuff..)i mean it's been a rough set of years..ask anyone(tOkKA's a designer & cartoonist too)madd skillzz people have varying opinions on & a tough job market make it exceptionally difficult to want to keep going.)Controversial as i may be.. (and actually i'm a pretty nice guy ..gee) .. tOkK'a been hacking at this for a great while. Yeh it deffly ain' easy. And yeh .. soemday .. i am gonna get some official Turtle work.. cuz i think need a little bitt'a happines in my days to mucha anyone else. ]


..i am a frustrated fan, a thankful fan, a fan inspired by one of the greatest franchise and artistic exposures on the planet. I'm overwhelmed,my head's spinin' constant, and stayin' up on the whole Turtle news crap should be the least of my priorities. But this place is'nt just a part of WHAT i do.. it's a part of me. The people here have become an extension of the first REAL social-network i'd ever encountered and quite possibly the most supportibe i'd ever had. I also realize the 20 kazillion Turtle fan sites you could be goin' to to get the scoops and the news you need to keep on top of your favourite characters.

But those of you that come here to see tOkKa's shpeel.. i'm thankful o you. I appreciate you all coming outta your buzy day n' reading the silly posts and pickin' up on whatever news i can dig up about your Green buddies. A few bad apples and experiences drive Tokka into a brick wall ..i get stung's those good kids and people and ones i know and love givin' me a leg'up tellin' me they love me and NOT to give up. And again i am very THANKFUL no matter what anyone sez. So to those of you that can't get the straight issue and come to the horse's mouth and direct to me..tellin' what's up, what your feeling, or what your issue is constructivly.. i cross my fingers that that horse bites you in the a55.

Across the nets,ipods, forums and feeds ..i seem to have become some sort of phantom people just don't quite know what to do with or think about. If it's not been another fan site, or forum,someplace totally un-TMNT related Deviantart,some redneck screwballs in Reallife,or FlickR , or whatever .. i seem to stick out like a sore thumb and there always seems to be a beef someone has with me.

Obvious i ain' perfect.. but what kinda FAN am i ??

I'm a Turtle fan .. pure and simple..

and i'd like think i'm a fairly decent person despite my problems.

This site and the people involved mean more to me than anyone can ever know.. and i don't think some TV-media con-GLOM comin' in hurtin' me & thinkin' they could ever try to understand or define what Mikey's and t2z is all or ever about ..what it means to a complex goofball like me & what a wonderful pain in the a55 it is to stay on top of it all and intense labour of love. So yeh .. go back to the broadcast booth and get wrapped up in your satellite dishes and bunny ears. I'm fried of people trying to define me in sick little labels and sticky-notes. It's not that simple.. it just isn't.. it can't be defined ..and it's not all that bad either.

and like i said before .. you can' come to me reasonably ??

Then bite me !! Bite the f$%^$%^ outta me !!

tOkKa's here to stay..

BAnnnzaaai !!


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.. troddin' off into the sunset n' trails end of the end trails of a hard week.. lesee what's left of the news we got before the coyotes start howlin' o'er the cold Desert Turtle plain..n' before the bacon n' bean pizza freezes up !! ::

Official TMNT news is usually a good place to start ; Dan Berger ..::
"he new TMNT movie is discussed in the premiere issue of Rocket via an interview with film producer Tom Gray. Rocket is a brand new bi-monthly magazine that covers the crossover between movies, games, anime and comics. Rocket is published by the makers of Play magazine and the debut features a TMNT blurb on the cover (see below) and five pages of coverage inside. The mag should be available at major retailers throughout the U.S."

Ya them turtles make m'head spin n' set a Ghost Riders heart afire..!!


-Colin sent in the following about the TMNT movie voice cast (we're trying to get a confirmed cast list from Imagi now that info and rumors are leaking):

Just a heads up, we may now know who will be doing the voices of Leonardo and Michelangelo.

James Arnold Taylor, from "Drawn Together" and "Star Wars Clone Wars", is doing Leonardo. It's listed as one of his credits in his resume. As for Mikey, he's being voiced by a voice actor named Mikey Kelley. On his web site there's an audio collage of all the voices he's done, and Michelangelo is one of them.

Here's the links...



Also, there are rumors of Donatello being played by Quinton Flynn, and Raph being voiced by Tino Insana.

((side note:: Mikey just passed this along ::
"I saw this today, but I'm not 100% sure it's correct:


Mako (I) (passed away July 21, 06) /Master Splinter

James A. Taylor/ Leonardo

Tino Insana /Raphael

Mikey Kelley /Michelangelo

Quinton Flynn (originally Casey ~t.)/ Donatello

(( **Quinton has a popular Myspace page.. CLICK here if you would like to Friend him !! ~tOkK ))

Sarah Michelle /Gellar April O'Neil

Chris Evans /Casey Jones

Ziyi Zhang /Karai

Patrick Stewart /Max Winters

Kevin Smith /Greasy Chef

Kevin Michael Richardson/ General Aquila"))


-"Karen sent in this confirmed info:

I recently saw the Klaus Badelt, the great composer of "Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl" will be composing the music for the 2007 TMNT movie. This goes along with the interviews I've read about the movie makers attempting to create a recognizable theme for our favorite Turtles. Just thought I'd give a "heads-up" if it hadn't yet been reported."

- Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #96, "The Trouble With Augie" (**Click here)

..more later .. the scorpions are tryin' to keep warm in m'spikes !! OUCH !! **~~

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..just a reminder from an old friend..


-->> Very special thank you to CJJ for diggin' up his old post on T-drome for this photo ..(pretty easy to draw your own conclusions..). No No ..Saki is not the main villain of the movie.. you know that by now,silly !!


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

-->> Movie notes and thanks to Nacho,LIZ, & Roseangelo ::

"TMNT is currently featured on the front page of Yahoo's movie section - Yay!

Thanks to mibu_roshi for the tip, TMNT is also on the front of IMDB today:

Roseangelo :

Word is that the boards there are full of trolls, though. :p

Also, if anyone with a MySpace (**click )page wants to spread the love, add tmnt_2007 as a friend.

I've got lots of pics of movie-related merchandise and other general news in my personal LJ if anyone's interested in more."

- NON-SPOLIER ..and general public images of the 'NEW' variety appear in this tip from Nacho ::

**Comic Book Resources NEW 'TMNT' image gallery collection.. (**Click here..)

- Video note from Cyn !!::



.... a neat five minute tv interview from Hong Kong, and I like seeing how they do stuff.


It's in one of the Chinese langs-- Cantonese or Mandarin, I'm not sure which-- but he is talking about the projects at Imagi, and there are a few story boards that come up from the movie-- and a clip or two of basic animation, and some other movies they're working on. It's really neat!"

- Official Turtle site news of note n' quips ta'quote from Dan Berger !! ::

Important NYC Comic-con Note ::

"You may have noticed the new banner on the home page regarding the New York Comic Con - just to clarify in larger type - Michael Dooney, Jim Lawson, Steve Lavigne and Eric Talbot are definitely planning on being there - tables and hotel rooms are booked, so barring any unforeseen catastrophes - they will be. Steve Murphy is going to try to make it at least one day. Peter Laird and I are very tentative - the ultimate decision will not be made about our attending the show until the last minute, based on our schedules at that time. Michael, Jim, Steve and Eric look forward to meeting with everyone and hopefully the rest of us can make the trip as well - but please do not make a special trip to the show just to meet Peter, as there is a good chance that he won't be able to make it." - D.Berger

Toy notes & sitings .. ::

David Syczylo sent in the following info and image regarding the individually packaged movie figs (we don't have these yet):

Hello. Just wanted to give a heads up to all the TMNT fans out there. This morning I made a stop in at Wal-Mart (Indianapolis, IN) and to my surprise I found eight of the new TMNT movie figures. On the pegs were: Leo, Mike, Don, Raph, Splinter, Casey Jones, April, and Foot Soldier for $7.83 each.

WIth Toys-R-Us with the mini pack and weapons and now Wal-Mart Mart with figures I think the TMNT movie line will be easy to find at retail.

HeebyGB wrote:

I just ran over to Target on a break from work and found the following:

All four Turtles
Foot Ninja
Raph in biker gear with motorcycle
The play tower
The Cowabunga Carl Van
Raph and Leo each packaged with a General
All four of the Big Mouth Talkin' Turtles
and all four of the Turtles that you wind up and they run or what not.

I found Mikey with his General at Walmart.

((..a number of retailers are getting these as well as Target,TRU & Wal-mart.. reports that even Albertson's Supermarkets are receiving some TMNT movie merch- .. tOkK himself has obtained a few of the baisic figs,the Generals, the Monster Tower, Roleplay sets, and a Big Mouth Don ..!! Keep lookin' ..if 'TMNT' movie stuff is not in your neck of the woods.. it'll be there very soon !! ~tOkK )

TMNT Video Game notes ::

The S sent in the following info:

"Just to let you guys know, the newest issue of the video game/anime magazine "Play" (January 2007) has the new TMNT game as a cover story. I suggest all TMNT fans purchase this issue and send the magazine feedback regarding the article; hopefully it can generate a bit of buzz regarding the game and movie."

"Another video game magazine is showcasing the TMNT; this time it's my personal favorite, Tips & Tricks. The February issue (#144) has an article not only on the new movie and game, but on the Fast Forward DVD, and classic TMNT games."

Danny B. also has updated the TMNT toys page with images from the new movie line of toys ..and the stuff they've received so far at Mirage HQ ..**Click here !!

..dark tidings once again plague tOkKa's lil' Junkyard world so it's rather tough to deal with stuff this month. Bare with me Mikey's News gurus and t2z Krews.. as i try to keep up on top of everything and updates. It's very hard when so much bad stuff is happening. And don't get upset if i pimp and cross-post t2z updates here. Thanks.. .. >v<

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007!!'s gonna be a great year for TMNT !! You have a good one too !!