Thursday, September 12, 2002

w0w..Shredder is b3st toy ever.. hey everbuddy..did you know that Nick was once nice..but now he eats puppies?!
N0 i'm serious..what he does is he has this big Bucket..n' it sez.. 'Cute lil' Puppies'..then he dips his hand in there n' takes justa c00test wittle puppy youse ever seen..'baby pug..picture it' ..then he goes.. 'MMMMMMMM..puppies!! YUUMM!!'..
then he proceeds to ..bite the -- i mean..o' the h0rror.. jeez!! my ya see what inspires th0se wonderful cart00ns..puppies.. w4s a failed attempt at a j0ke folX.. s0 s0rry ,nich-0 .. >v<

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