Friday, October 31, 2003

..HAPPY all ya candy grabbin' Ninja Night Stalkers from MIKEY'S TMNT !!

Thursday, October 30, 2003


..hee-bEE geebees from the 't-drome..::
-2004 TMNT peek 'Ultimate TMNT'..
..(serious) 30-inch TMNTs to tackle yir lil' sister's 'My-size' Barbie!!

-Game Spy's Interview w/ Konami's TMNT Team!! ..

..oingo boingo.. Thanx..NT and PJ fer the tip off!! 8P


Tuesday, October 28, 2003

..the NEW TMNT game is kinda makin' a whole bunch of TMNT-nerdies into vidiots..(like me)
..i found a cool comic (and cool site in general) on the 'Howard and Nester' Comic Archive..
In 'Nintendo Power' magazine.. you ol' School Nintendo Junkies may recall the 'Howard and Nester Comics'.. from the late 1980s' thrum the mid-90s ..H. and NES..made the funnies in N.P. and provided a little trick for a Nintendo game if you read it all the way thru..the following link is for the 'H & N' comic guest starring the TMNTs and April !!
..and yeh.. ya DO NEED 99 SCROLLS ..duh! ! 8)

Sunday, October 26, 2003

The Michaelangelo statue is available at TARGET for $99.99.

• Michelangelo in warrior pose
• Details like mask, numchucks and black belt
• Ideal for collectors of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle memorabilia

Product Description
For true fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Michelangelo Statue is a distinctive tribute to this hero on the half-shell. In a warrior stance and ready for action, Michelangelo wields 2 numchucks and wears a red mask and his martial arts black belt. Place on a desk, mantle or bookcase; this detailed sculpture is a must for collectors. Imported. 11Hx9" dia.

New MP3 page!

Finally, I have the MP3 stuff totally working. This is just a temporary page though. But, from here, you can get all the mp3s I have available for download.

There are a LOT of revamped files... such as the COOTS concert tracks, the Turtle Tunes, and there are remixes, dubs and the complete Secret of the Ooze soundtrack.

So check it out!
Greetings, TMNT fans.

First up... check out the missing comic over here. For a little info, I've not had time to post on here lately, between daily frustrations with life, and trying to calm down by working on the comic or playing the new Cube version of the TMNT game, I've sorta forgotten about you guys. My bad. For those wondering, I did a bit of a joke that perhaps is not for young young readers. (Turn away if you are...) but I followed it up with the same kind of humor but... a little bit more hidden meaning humor as well. But alas, the domicle in which I live, the parental units would not allow it, so... it got moved to my friend's site. :-)

Second, a new comic is up for your disposal. I got the idea for a 6 panel, (I believe the first ever six panel comic drawn... AND the first comic with shading no less!) after talking to Jimmy. After DJing at the club I DJed at (which btw, Daylight Saving times applied to me, so I was DJing from 10 to 2, and then cos it turned to 1, till 2 again, a total of 5 hours...), I was at least gonna drop by and say hello to everyone and apologize for not going to the party in which Jimmy threw, and then head home. Well I figured they might be asleep but I saw the TV Glow and stopped to say hi. Everyone was out of it, sleep wise, so i went home. Upon talking to him this morning, there was a noise complaint. Which then reminded me of Drew telling me of his noise complaint. All and all, very good stuff to inspire me for a noise complaint comic.

Also, note that this week's new webcomic is D4K strip # 49. Which means next week is the 50th Strip. Help celebrate D4K's 1 year anneversary and 50th strip by checking out a new limited print we have on sale. I can't plug this thing enough, but you gotta see it for good reason. It's the first fully colored, background and all, and shaded, piece of artwork which is D4K related. So check it out. I will admit it's a bit pricey but we only have 15 of these things so... get it while the going is good. As of now, we have a few sales pending, so... hurry up on those before they're gone!

Last but not least, TMNT game wise, as I mentioned above, I've been playing the cube game non-stop. This truly is, a great game. The voice flaws are still present, as I mentioned on my comment in the msg boards, but the game doesn't kick into it's coolness gears until the second to last level, the "Notes From The Underground" level. For those who know of Dark Cloud2, while the game platform is different the game itself, the cellshading are sorta the same. BUT.. the game definately gets a run with it's money TMNT wise. The Turtles themselve need a little more work, but it seems all the other characters are simply amazing. I allowed myself to get beaten up JUST to admire the view of the graphics. Also, the game lends itself to different difficulties according to what turtle you have. Leonardo is obviously the hardest due to how much of a disciplined student he is, so the dojo levels are harder for him. Overall, a great game and is so worth 50 bucks, and not my original view, which is stated in the boards. I sadly mis-judged the game via not playing far as I have. While I know I can summon the full TMNT crew (Casey and April included) to clear baddies out of the stage for me, I've still not been able to get it to work yet. Score of the game: 9 out of 10. So grab it!

And for those wondering about the gameboy advance game... it's VERY hard. At least on normal. heh.

Later TMNT fans!
-->> ..radicalRADICALradicalRADICAL..!!
.. thousands of little Ninjas got a crack at the Turtle bat at Wal-Mart stores across the country.. to practice their chucka-chuckling and sai spins the official TMNT Training Day .. a fun little in-store promotion ..
Mikey got in on the action at his local store and came back with some cute pix here..Wal-MART looked like a busy day.. Mike sez there were Cop Car tours,Valley Air Care Tours,Dog House painting,and Fire engine tours.. so.. kind of a fun day out fer the Ninja-ites!!

Saturday, October 25, 2003

..for the direct link to the following post,please'click here'..

..i'm kind of bothered by a thread Mikey started in forums early this morning after he got off work. Now this is something he's gonna tell me to let go.. and i will try..
.. but cuz i'm a little pi55ed right noe i'm gonna post it right here..on the main updates page for everyone to see. It's not so much a big deal.. but when a gaming mag like 'GAMENOW' steals a few of Mike's screen captures without credit..maybe it kind of is (??):

(Page 81-November 2003 issue 'Game Now')
..for print in a 'HARD COPY' published magazine..without any credit..yeh.. i'm a little bothered.
Mike made those captures a long time ago from his cartoon tape,on his own machine,on his own time.. and they had been on this website for a long time..he made them for a specific purpose..especially the Donatello capture for it was involving one of his favorie artists.

The few people like that may be saying.. "So what??" ..he got pictures he made of characters that aren't his.. a cartoon show he didn't create.. on a fan website he made about characters that are not his.. the pictures are small in the magazine any way.. just 2 crappy little pictures hardly anyone will notice.
'Gamenow' prints this magazine and has tons of pictures and reviews of video games filled with characters not belonging to them. I mean..they are 'fans' too,right?? Is there a difference??

Yeh.. kinda.. it's funny.. really funny.. when you got this 'magical thing' called the 'INTERNET' ..everyone,their mother,grandmother and refridgerator repair man can steal pictures ..print them out..copy them to their hardrive..or post them on a forum..or what have you.. noone paid money for harm is done..(i'm a fine one to talk.. i hyperlink pictures and stuff on forums all the time..noone cut me a check and noone sent me a fine).. and gee.. i guess MIKEY's TMNT is just a big fat fan site..that baisically has a couple maniacs running it.. and well there's a picture of a Ninja we can steal that picture..right?? I mean Mikey's TMNT is just a big fat advertisment for the TMNT's any way..Mirage should be cutting them a check.
It doesn't f8ckin' work that way.

'GameNow' is a big magazine.. and yeh the guys that work there are 'Game Fans'.. great job.. alot of hard work..i bet!!
A job you gotta keep on your toes with.. and i'll bet a lot of hard working people work on this magazine to keep it afloat.. and times are tuff'.. they all gotta eat too.. wait.. ..wait a cotton pickin' minute..
'GAMENOW' has somethings 'Mikey's TMNT' doesn't have..

*(WEB Capture!! Src:'')

..yeah ..that Big 'JAK II' print ad in the front cover is paid for
..yeh they may review or preview the same game in the very same mag issue..they may praise it and give it an A + or they may totally think it sucks major monkey balls.. it doesn't matter..'Naughty Dog' paid 'GameNow (Ziff Davis Media Publishing)' for that ad space,Konami's TMNT Game as is on the back..Konami gives them $$ ..that money is put back in the company..that money is put in the guys that make the mag,in thier hands.. it all works that way. the 'November 2003';issue 25 vol.3 actually has 4 alternate covers each with a different Turtle image on it.. so.. the true 'Turtle Fan' will want to spend 5 bucks plus tax for each issue.even more money for the magazine company.
Just go onto the GAME NOW official website..and go see more 'paid for ads' ..selling product you the consumer..that's how it works..
even if you don't click the ad.. it still loaded onto your hardrive and on your was still there..
$$ $$ $$ $$..
..the advertising thing is prolly more coplicated than that..but i'm fairly sure i hit the nail on the head..or at least it the nail then then miseed it and smashed my thumb.

'Mikey's TMNT' is free to guests.. you know who pays for it??
..Mikey does..i do.. the gracious fans whom helped donate thier hard earned cash ..and help us out to keep the site afloat for another year.
It's even more screwed up..i was supporting 'Game Now' and any images i took from thier site.. and copied and uploaded on Mikey's site to promote 'THEIR MAGAZINE' ..there were hyperlinks and stuff all pointing to their site and me telling you to go buy all 4 covers of their magazine.
They ain't rich..ya know.. no big fat company pays Mike to plop a banner ad anywhere on this site.. any company support i've chosen to promote on my site is strictly by choice.. i ..ME ..tOkKa..DAVE b.2 am not supported or actually affiliated with 'Kmart' or 'Mirage' or any other company what-so-ever..

Now i've dragged this thing on for quite sometime now..and frankly i don't think anyone has read past the 'GameNow' logo up there..but well it's freeking late and i actually beleive i have a point here noone is going to care about.. might as well go for broke.. i may get Mike b7tchin' at me over the phone ..but i'll take that risk.

'Paizo Publishing' a big magazine publisher owned by 'Hasbro'..(big enuff') publishes 'Star Wars Insider' a magazine to help promote the multimedia giant and household name 'Star Wars'.. George Lucas's franchise is one of the biggest known to man.. prolly just a few notches down from Disney..maybe right up there..i can't even imagine.. but if 'S.I.' can run features in it's magazine featuring fan sites based on a franchised creation not 'legally' owned by the fans.. but the fan sites little captions in the articles DO ..get a small 'source credit' money is made by the fans what-so-ever.. but still it's kind of an ethical thing.. the fans support 'Star Wars'.. S.W.'s gives them a little credit in a mag seeing as how they used a fan's image in a published magazine..a PRINTED ,HARD COPY sold on news stands and everywhere for $$ to be made by Lucasfilm and Paizo/Hasbro..

..'Game Now' is not affiliated with 'Mirage Studioes Inc.' ,'4 Kids',or 'Konami'..
..but it is kind of sponsered in a way by them.. and again it is getting paid by 'Konami' and crew to support a game where the money will be made by all 3 of those companies.

..'Game Now' couldn't even give a small little tine 2 point typed image source credit to Mikey's TMNT for using the tiny little crusty images..
..they didn't ask Mike to take them.. they didn't get them from the company (Mirage or what-not).. they jsut went onto internet and nabbed this point i'm guessing every single image was nabbed from fan sites..or maybe
the offical TMNT site,who knows.
Maybe there is alot of points to me typing this.. maybe there isn't..
Bottom line is.. credit..big or small was not given where it was was just a matter of jumping on Google and stealing images related to Ninja Turtles..
What if i took the 'GameNow' logo.. (cool logo) scanned it in.. tweaked in photoshop.. got some screen t-shirt iron-on paper to run thru' my dot-matrix printer.. made a bunch of T-shirts with Game Now's logo on it..and took them onto ebay or to the flea-market and 'SOLD THEM' ..maybe even claim i made the logo (i made the T-shirts,would make sence if i said i made the logo right??
.. and maybe i just pocket any monies i make off the t-shirts and keep it for myself.. and go buy malt liquor or somthing.. would that be ok??

F7ck no!!

..i guess we all kinda loose huh,on this end.. i have to come to 'STALE-mate' after all this..huh.. ok fine.

But i find it pretty dammed weird.. my best friend in the whole world. who put alot of blood sweat into a 'fan' site about characters that 'legally' may not be his.. but in the fact that he spent alot of money.. and aside from that.. he spent alot of time,creative effort, and his own know how..for quite a few years too.. (Mikey's been goin' on for over 5 years now)..his own collections..his own passion..for something he loves truly ,with a passion.. and an open heart to let all his friends come in and join in his website and have some fun..creativly,to read a fanfiction about Ninja Turtles, share an illustration or Flash project for school related to Splinter, or just to come on and say hi..or even get a little moral support..'MikeysTMNT' is alot of things.. and that's why i'm's alot to me too.. and over the past year..i've pumed alot of my own blood,sweat and tears.. and $$ to help keep this thing going.. and so have the other fans.. and i'm not about to stop anytime soon..
People have had problems with me over the years.. and i've had alot of medical issues that keep me on alot of people's toes.. but I TOO AM A TMNT FAN..a Mirage Fan.. ..i grew up with this stuff too.. it moved me too!! It inspires me gave me good memories too and still moves me to create..and helps me create new ones..

AND here.. my best friend built this damm,silly little website from the ground up.. and Mikey..who is so f7ckin' in debt as it is.. is worried about giving money to the same company that stole his images so he can get all '4' variant covers..what's that i've offered to buy them for him. In fact the only way i'm able to even prove all this right now.. is cuz i bought the Hard Copy myself with my own 5 bucks.. Gah,kill me!!

Whatever.. it's almost 5 A.M. here and i was supposed to be working on my own 'Non-TMNT' layout but well.. this all just came about..
Here's GameNow's online TMNT article ..if you made it this far.. hope you still like reading it..(it's a great mag..i don't deny that..really sleek and good lookin'content..)

..maybe i could consider all this a small amount of payback..for all the good it will do and i know i'm a hypocrit.. it's not gonna matter a hill of horse sh3t tommorow night but at least the record..somewhere.. cuz I PAYED FOR IT ..the record is clear..:: GAMENOW stole those images!!
..and i guess there's only this thing here.. to post like this..that's all i can do about it..about ethics..and just due credit about something so silly..

..ok..fine it's silly..
..tOkK go beddy-by.. bye bye..maybe while i'm asleep someone will go steal
my images and publish them.. and make some $$ for themselves ..


Friday, October 24, 2003

..quick reminder!! .. call your local Wal-Mart store for actual times.. (some lamer stores may not be holding this)..

..scare the sweet heebie-jeebus outta all would be candy stealersthis Halloween with Eric Talbot's official 'TMNT' CUT-out mask!!
..print,colour,cut and paste on your face.. and take on the night..givin' all foul-Foots out to nab yir nighty-night goody bag a dose of Turtle Power!!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

-'Party Express' .. a division of 'Halmark' cards is a store beand of party supplies and goodies all birthday related and what not.. mostly i've spotted this stuff at Wal-mart.. but there is a whole slew of TMNT party -ggods and what-not..ranging from hats to invitation TMNT masks,cups,plates,napkins, foam Shuriken and goodie bags.. a great addition to upcomin' Turtle birthdays.. and pehaps a TMNT based halloween party.. look for it in the 'Hallmark' card isle at the ppl!!

-The mighty t-Drome 's .. mightyN Turtle..sez::

".. Playmates has released a list of toys scheduled for December and January in the US:

Super-Poseable Donatello (plush)
Super-Poseable Leonardo (plush)
Super-Poseable Michelangelo (plush)
Super-Poseable Raphael (plush)

Scheduled for December (but have appeared on ebay):

Mini April
Mini Splinter
Mini Shredder
Mini Foot Soldier


Fighting Gear Donatello
Fighting Gear Leonardo
Fighting Gear Michelangelo
Fighting Gear Raphael
Armorized Shredder
Elite Guard
Foot Gunner (character from the new Konami video game)
Mutatin' Leo
Mutatin' Raph
Mutatin' Mike
Mutatin' Don
Mutatin' Shredder
Mutatin' Foot Soldier
Shell Sub
Pogo Copter

These release dates are by no means definite and are likely to change.

The limited edition Mikey statue will be appearing in participating stores shortly.

There is word straight from Mirage is that the Hallmark mini series is waffling, so keep your fingers crossed!

The new TMNT cartoon will make its debut on Sky Digital in the UK on Saturday 25th of October! And the new video game is scheduled to arrive there by November 14th. .."

- t-Drome 's interview w/ Sam Regal ;Donatello's voice actor '4-kids' is here..

..once again.. Kudos to NTurtle and Cecil!! 8D

t-Drome hoppiin' ....we get the figures dot com.. break down.. as posted prior..
.. fair warning.. watch out for spoilers..

-5" TMNT gallery
-Mutation Figures Gallery (Retromutagen ooze is back !!)
-Return of the Ninja Action gallery
-Plushies Gallery
-12-inch armoured TMNTs
-Vehicles-Playsets gallery
- Role Play toys gallery
-Statue Gallery..(RAPH STATUE!!)
.. oo.. gah.. so much much.. i think i need a 'TUMS' or somethin'.. sheesh!! Thanks ,N.T. 8D !!

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Hey Everyone.

First, a new comic is at on my site/Drunk Duck. Give it a peak if you'd like.

Also, I bought my TMNT games for the Gamecube and GBA. While I've not played the GBA version, I'm thinking of doing so when I get off-line, but I wanted to tell you to watch the message boards, as I type this it's 12:43 in the morning. Give me twenty minutes or so, check the forums where I will be posting a review of the video game for the arcade style TMNT games, whether it's worth the 50 bucks, specially coming from a huge fan, and see what the game has going for and against it. I hope you all enjoy the game for those who buy it! Let's hope a new one comes out soon!
Figures..D0t com you some major Spolier toy pix.. if your like me and can't wait.. go checkit out.. but if you want to save it for suprise later on.. don't touch that link..

..come on.. ya know ya want to!! >8)

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

..the game is out.. just not everywhere i suppose .. but good ol' NTurtle @T-drome sez this::
"Thats right! The new TMNT game is out in the US, you might only be able to pick it up by Wednesday but today iss the official release date! It should be available at any nearby Target, Toys R' Us or gaming place.

Also, the wave 1 action figures were recently repackaged and rereleased. They are said to include some new pamphlet!"

..i'd imagine distribution is sporatic.. and actually stores prolly may have thier stock rooms filled with a box on hand of the game but just haven't put it out yet..
..but if you can't be patient..
AMAZON d0t com has a great selection of the game on all the platforms.. and the price (excluding shipping) isn't to bad.. so.. happy hunting.. and happy gaming..
.. >v<
Just a quick question for some of you who went to purchase the TMNT games. Okay, so like were they suppose to SHIP to stores today or actually be in the stores today so we can buy them and put them in our grubby hands?!!?

Seems to be, around central ohio area, the latter. I reserved both copies and yet I was dismal to find out that... you guessed it... the games wouldn't be in until tomorrow. Just a fair warning for some of you to perhaps call your local video game place near you about the actual date of arrival. If possible. :-D

If you have any leads on whether this is true or not, hit me up at


Monday, October 20, 2003

Whoa.. good mornin' !!
..tip-off ORGAZMO at T-drome..
-'Blast..' 79 by Peter Laird takes a stroll down Robo-memory lane and give you a fuzzy sneek peek at a familiar Servo.. you just might (or not) recognise!!

-and by N Turtle::
"Don't ya just love flash intros? Big update on Konami's TMNT site, check it out!
..Also, there are a few words that Chris Allen, one of the artist of the Archie TMNT comic book series, is doing some work on the new Tales of TMNT series from Mirage!.."
..i remember Mike tellin' me sumthin' bout that.. gee whizz.. also Mr.Berger mentioned to me that his work will appear in 'Tales..' in 2005 .. oii.. wish it was tommorow..
..oo wait it is tommorow!!.. .. damm 'night-owlITIS'.. >v<

Friday, October 17, 2003

..'GAME N0W MAgazine' ..has hit the stands and will prolly be just one of a slew of TMNT Video Game related mags to plop out on the streets before the new game hits all platforms real soon here and PC next month..Gamenow ain't stoppin' there with just a TMNT vid-game review.. but pretty much the whole issue is decked out in TMNT..(don't worry..they review the other games too).. just to get greedy and to lure in all the Turtle nerdies.. the GN-tirdies offer 4 different covers ..1-4 .. a Turtle for each cover.. so..if you wasnt a complete set ..mommy's gonna have to dig deep in her purse for a little over $$20 ..sheesh!!
But still.. the mag is worth just 1.. for the awsome pull-out poster alone.. and they got a cute little history thing on TMNT stuffs from the past..and a full 'TMNT' vid-game review.. and tips on EACH BOSS..('Shredder'is and isn't the last boss..heheh)!!
.. next to the upcoming ish of Nintendo Power w/ TMNT Game Boy and Game Cube beasties.. GAME NOW is an awsome little mag to pick up!!
.. ok.. bed-time for ,Bonzo.. see ya in awhile..

Thursday, October 16, 2003

.. rumbly tumbley..
-Leatherhead makes his RE-plastic debut.. naked.. !!..

-DANNY B. of official interviews Lloyd Goldfine of '4 KIDS' fame and his involvement on the new TMNT toon!!

-more info on 'Prima's TMNT strategy guide' for the new game due out in just a little bit here!! woo-h00!! 8D

Wednesday, October 15, 2003


..Sneakin' around T- Drome.. pays off..TMNT upcomins' (gee..Sneakin' around T- Drome.. pays off )!!

-and from good ol' N Turtle!! ::
"The biggest news today is the release of the synopses for season 2 of the new show! For those who wish to remain pure,there are spoilers galore , but for the rest of us, their on the official site.

-The TMNT Mega Bloks are out in all their blocky majesty! .."

.. it's great to have pals!!


Tuesday, October 14, 2003

-->> -
-T-drome tip off by NTurtle(coo' duder and all around great guy !!)..

DVDs and ninja training!
Posted Tuesday, October 14, 2003, 6:25 PM CST by Nturtle
DVD volumes 3 and 4 are out, they are said to include a preview of the new PC Ninja Turtles game. ..

..TMNT Fleece pull-overs fer your inflatable beds are popping up in stores and online.. Yahoo shops
.. busy busy.. .. start pinchin' those pennies,kiddies.. theres a flood of good stuff!!


..Don't miss Peter Laird's New 'Blast..' !! .. sorry.. 8\ .. >v<

Monday, October 13, 2003

Hello, everyone. I know this may come as a huge shock. But I've just spent the past two hours writing Chapters 10 and 11 of New House: Old Home ... Does anyone even remember my fic, dating back to 1998? Heheh.. Anyway. I just wrote this between 4:30 and 6:30 am. So it's probably shit. But if you're interested, take a look. Hope you like it.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

-..U.S. Playing Card Co. has been makin' playing cards based on popular Hasbro toys for months now.. well the TMNTs got thier turn too.. i picked up a cool little pack of standard cards.. the graphics are great .. and even April is queen.. they are about 3$$ a pack so.. go win some poker cash with your ol' deck n' go replace it with a new TMNT one!!

-More T-drome tips..
by Nturtle..::
"This is a list of toys scheduled for April to December of 2004, straight from Playmates!

april/ may 2004
stone biter
razor fist
evil turtlebot
toddler turtles ( 4-pack)
fire foot mystic
giant mouser

july/august 2004
silver sentry
turtle titan mike
dr. malignus
shredder clone w/ 4 arms
triceraton guard
triceraton soldier
water foot mystic

sept/oct. 2004
space hoppin' leo, mike, don, raph
wind foot mystic
usagi yojimbo

mouser 6-pack
guardian ninja
splinter in cryo-tube
shredder clone with claws
earth foot mystic .."

.. thanks fer the tip- off.. ,SUCKUH!! HAHAHAHAAAA!!

..i'm kiddin' i'm kiddin',NT!! 8D.. really!!

Friday, October 10, 2003

..T-drome ..don't ::
-..IGN has got the goods on new TMNT Vid Game screen shots and Quick video DLS..

-..official TMNT web bives a preview of TMNT vol.4 #12 .. and some pointy teeth,leather-clad non-Buffy fans grace the creepy cover!!

.. >v<
-..guess who's back

- .. from Dan Berger T. Bobcat at ..official TMNT d0t com..
" TMNT #12 should be available at comic shops on October 15th!

Bad news on the PC gaming front - Konami has delayed the release of the new TMNT game until November. All other platforms are still scheduled to ship on October 21. "

..and new official fan desktop pix for a change of face on yir Comp top
..including one by some Snapper guy.. i don't know.. pretty creepy lookin'.. >8)

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

-Modern Publishing ..makers of 'Honey Bear Books' (colouring and activity books fer kids) .. has been making a slew of TMNT related activity books.. so.. look in the crayon isle,Kiddos n' bug mommy for a TMNT book to get yir creative crayon minds flowing.. !! 8)

T-drome bits..:: by PJ and NTurtle
"Head on over to for a full blown preview of the new TMNT game and a slew of new screen shots! From some of the pictures it appears that the game will include videos of the actual cartoon!" ..


Monday, October 06, 2003

Dreamwave announces a TMNT Lithograph based on Pat Lee's variant #1 cover.


Celebrating the smash hit comic series in style, this masterfully rendered lithograph captures Pat Lee’s rendition of the boys in green. Originally used as the special incentive cover to the all-new (and sold out!) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1, this image is a rare find that no Turtle fan should pass up!

Click here

Saturday, October 04, 2003

..'Foot Tech Ninja' & 'Nano-Tech Monster' ..technically are out.. no no.. LITTERALLY..
i got 3 at 'Targets' and i'm assuming all the other toy fast food chains will be gettin' these loverly peg warmers in soon!! do yir chores today..n' take out the trash so you can get allowence and 'TECH-out' yir TMNT Collection!! 8) ..both toys are incredible!!

Thursday, October 02, 2003

-->> ..'member me?? .. ..

T-drome tit-lil-bits..::

Also, Playmates is bringing back the old molds for the mutating figures and using them in the new show! You can see pictures of these new figures here.* by Nturtle

*..i have not been able to get the link to work.. but this is news i have heard before.. so.. 'Mutations Return' !!


Wednesday, October 01, 2003

-->> ..oinG0!!.. ..
- Mikey's classy collection of TMNT desktops hits the official TMNT web stuff..with
official TMNT fan Wallpapers..

..i don't got crabs..i'm just sculpted this way.. ..
- ..RAZOR FIST.. sculpts are up on official TMNT web toy peeks..

- and quick tips from T-Drome..
by Nturtle
The magazine Nintendo Power will be having a preview and poster for the release of the new TMNT game next month.

Check out Toys R' Us's turtle section. They have information on a lot of TMNT toys and other merchindise (including Halloween costumes ).

Also, the new mini toy release dates have seemingly been pushed back to sometime in October. So you'll just have to wait it out.

..more as it regurgitates..
.. >v<