Monday, December 16, 2002

-->> EAT ME!!

..oiii..ok.. start scrimping the bottom of the barrels
n' asking mummy and daddy fer oodles of TMNT googles..
cuz the reports are coming in.. these things have shipped..
.. as of the last Ebay post there.. it should be sometime
this week..but....seeing is beleiving.. and the holidays are gunna
turn to all the more 'hell-ish'.... in my experience..K*B
amoung the Wal-marts,Kmarts and TARGET Marts....will prolly be the best
place to hit.. but keep the eyes peeled as much as you can..i will be spying
amoung the stores the best i can amoung the tight a55 schedule i do not seem to keep..
.. if you see anything..let me know::
.. i will let Mike and you know 1st break of wind i catch of NEW TMNT sh7t stuff as well..

.. o' wait..that last break of wind .. wait.. what was that??

.. waaaaait.. what did i eat fer din-din last night??

YO QUIERO WHAT??.. don't lookit me,buddy..!! ??

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