Friday, October 18, 2002

-->> .. s0rry,Nick.. this week sux.. h0pefully by Friday.. A new 'Dribble' will make t0Kk feel better..

.. between Mike's 'Fluffy Bunny Wuzzy WuzzNumms' Voicey posts.. n' Nicks' good tidin's..
tOkK's gunna keep it real surreal..nuthin' more real n' viciously fun than seein the shells fly..the money..
& the merchandise as corprate execs.. run amok..
it's"4Kids v. Nick".. no not that NICK..the other one..the network..
4Kids means buisiness.. n' you boys are the direct target.. what else is new in big munny n' merchandise??
.. funny..Turtles may have always been targeted to boys..but most TMNT fans i know are GIRLS!! oii!!

G0 yonder lil' t0KkAlites.. the vilolence once again takes yir t00n tubin' by storm.. n0w.. back to yir regularly scheduled..


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