Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Monday, October 30, 2006

-->> Woot,tOkKa-Spookables so much goulin' these last days of OCT- ..it's despecable !!

--From Sweet Dierna.. ::

That's right folks! A copy that comes with a one page
insert signed by by TMNT Co-creater Peter Laird, as
well as authors and illustrators: Jim Lawson, Dan
Berger, Steve Murphy, Eric Talbot, and Michael Dooney.

I ordered a copy a little over a week ago and got it

U can order it here:

** http://www.paneltopanel.net/store/productview/107151//TALES_OF_THE_TMNT:_THE_COLLECTED_BOOKS_VOLUME_1_(w/EXCLUSIVE_SIGNED_TIPPED-IN_BOOKPLATE)The entire price is $18 but just remember that you're
getting a copy with autographs.

Here's a pic I took of the autographs:

**(Photo 1)

**(Photo 2)

--Last week the Dark Turtles were all abuzz..and it took tOkKie tip-toe in' around town to track all four evil clone-galloots !!

Super Sculptin' (but weird articulation..)makes these really stand out in amidst the entire Turtle Line !!

..if Sh'okanabo's boys still havn't raided your Turtle pegs in the toy isles near you.. hang in there a little longer !! They will !! (Thanks to Wes for use of the photo refs- !!)

Our Hero in the U.K. has got a spot of info for ya England bound TMNT-philes ::
"Toddler TMNTs have cropped up in various stores (particularly the ENtertainer) and are retailing at £3.50.

With the price reduction on all TMNT items and the shelves gradually being dominated by the new Biker Mice line, things still don't look too good for TMNT. "

-- The immortal..Mr.Dan Berger ::

"Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #89, "Still Nobody"" ((**Click here))


Sunday, October 22, 2006

..oi.. summin funky in that ounch back there ..RAT POISON !?

-->> Once again..thanks to Amazin Turtle !!

..Officer Biggles,Dark Turles,Prez.Bishop,Starley,Wrasslin' Raph,Triple Threat,Agent TMNTs,Dojo Turtles,Dark Splinter n' more!! ..

The next waves of TMNT- FF are bound to cause more contraversy and fun ..!!
Give 'em a gander if you dare on Figures.com .. **Click here for the full 'Future looks Bright' gallery from the Fall Toy Fair !!

 ..horrah we can hardly hold our weapons ..to much Coco-nut Foot Lotion !!
-- The sneek peeks don't stop there.. there's a blast here on Figure's TMNT Movie Fig Gallery.. It'll blow yir mind out the window !! **Click here !!**

Remember me ?!


Friday, October 20, 2006

Look close..!!-->>T-drome had this posted awhile back..but it slipped thru My spikes. Expanding the original Movie 4 line previews fromt he past few months. Closer look shows Karai, Foot Soldier, Winters,and some more intresting villians !! Special thanks to Amazing Turtle for the info !!

-- Official TMNT updates provide ya with a handful of treats let's take a look at Mr.B's news,Crew !! ::

- ' ..Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #81, "Sons of the Silent Age" (**Click here for the fishy tale !!)..'

- ..'Posted the preview for Tales of the TMNT Collected Books Volume One.(***Click here !!)'

- 'Posted the Fast Forward theme song along with the official lyrics from 4Kids (apparently there's an argument regarding what's actually being sung - let the clouds of confusion depart).' ((****Click here for the Moozak !!))


Thursday, October 19, 2006

-->> Schools back in session..the fall colours are in bull orange, n' yellow boom ..the ghosts n' gLobbins come sneekin' out of the sewers n' start slimin' n' sloppin' on tOkKie's once rusty,dusty trail !! The Boogerman is out to bug yir snapper pal with buggerboos..and the trick is to get thru' this creepy month is to go diggin' out the Turtle treats !! tOkKa lights the lantern,Jack- O'.. on a 'Round-Up' so sweet it's SCAREY !!

In case ya missed the news at the official Turtles site lately..here's a general recap..::

- Todd Smith sent in the following link containing info about the comeback of '80s entertainment that contains a blurb about the upcoming TMNT movie (scroll down to see it): (**Click Here !!)

-Posted the preview for Tales of the TMNT #27. **Click~~

- Posted TMNT Volume One #4. (The Utroms cometh !! ~tOkK)

-- Extended synopsis for TMNT Episode #80, "The People's Choice" is up ((**click here..!!))

- TMNT:TOS volume 6 release info ((**Click here !!))

-- Also checkit' out the main main page (**here) for some snap shots of the green gang in Israel !!

-- Friends of Mikey's check in ..::

- First we start with a special note from 'Leo'..our cool friend from China !! ::

"Hi,Tokka, .. ..

I just have founded my own blog for 2 months names LEONARDO's TMNT, If your free,you can get there and see. Link:



LEO in China .."

-Dierna !!::

"Out .. is the release of the first
of the TPB's (collected books) of Tales of the TMNT
volume 2

Book one is entitled: Tales Of The Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles Collected Books Vol 1 Donatello

The next book in the series comes out in January. It's
the TPB of Tales of Leonardo Blind Sight.

Volume 1/Book 1 has issues 1, 10, 16, 18 and 26

U can currently order it from Midtown Comics... just
go to www.midtowncomics.com and search for Ninja Turtles

- Lisardo !!

As I slowly get back into 'creative mode', I'm trying to work on my creative/design skills. I've been basically revamping my entire TMNT site. A shameless plug:

Old: http://members.fortunecity.com/lisardo79/

New: http://lisardo.atspace.com/main.htm

Uhh, yeah.....I'd say it's some improvement, ;-) There are some dead links still, as not everything's been put up yet. I may eventually add an animated Flash splash page too (dang my Flash skills are rusty).

-- Sh'okanabo,Viral, and Jammerhead are finally raiding Toy pegs now ready to take on Cody and the Turtes..

Sh'okanabo is real nasty ..but this shape-shiftin' shredder is a real squirt. Yep .. scale is still an issue with the Turtle toys.. but these 3 baddies are pretty cool !! (Lookout ,tOkKa !!)


Michelangelo.. favourite topping on my pizza**~~((braapp.. i can't beleive i ate the whole thing !!)) ..

-- Leftover from official updates,T.N.I. has the big evil guy there Leo and a Movie Roleplay set to scope up close ..**Click here !!

..and Figures.com has the big picture on the guys' TMNT movie figs ..from the NY toy Fair.. **Click here !!

.. ..back later,Bugger Boos.. tOkKa's gonna go steal some lil' gobblin's Snicker bars !! .. err.. i mean borrow.. yeh ..BORROW SOM SNICKERS.. err..