Saturday, September 28, 2002

CBS Market Watch reports that "... some investors must like what they see on the Saturday morning tube. The 4Kids outfit has "Kirby," "Fighting Foodons" and other packages on the Fox Kids network. What's in the pipeline may be enticing new investors into the company's stock.

"On the spring schedule is "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," which 4Kids is co-producing. For those who see Turtles as a 15-year-old has-been, read my lips. Kids are digging the turtles today as much as they were when the concept debuted in the 1980s."

Basically, 4Kids stock is up... and for good reason. Yu-Gi-Oh, Fighting Foodons, Kirby, and TMNT are hot commodities for kids (especially this coming holiday season). The 4Kids team has video-game, licensing and toy pacts with Mattel, Konami, Nintendo and others.

"Terra Lycos, the operator of the Lycos Internet search engine, just reported the term 'Yu-Gi-Oh' was the ninth most popular across user searches for the week ending Sept. 21. The top one was - no, not Martha Stewart -- 'Dragonball.'" So, obviously, kids have a lot of power over this market. How much popularity (and profit) will it gain once the TMNT debut in the spring?!

Source: Kids have icons, too -- 4Kids shares perk up as Yu-Gi-Oh gains popularity
By Thom Calandra,

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