Monday, June 30, 2003

-->> .. what's up,Chuck??

What's this?? UK TMNT or TMN 'H' T?? This is intresting ..
..thanX to 'Cecil' would appear 'TMNT ' on T.V. in the U.K. may be sans the 'H' ..and the 'Hero' Turtles may be D.O.A. but TM NINJA Ts .. very intresting.. thanks ,Cecil !!
we don't need another HERO.. or do we?? 8) >v<

Saturday, June 28, 2003

"Behind the Dribble" continues as pre-production on my movie carries on. Principal photog begins July 2nd, we take a break for July 4th weekend, and then we carry on once more into the breach July 7th. If I can, there might be a small toy-cameo from one of our favorite green teens. (Trying to ger permission on anything is a bit of a hassel!)

Today's ep on Fox Box was "Attack of the Mousers", and gosh does that episode kick butt.

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Thursday, June 26, 2003

-->> ..  SAKI,Pass thu hickory gravy n' pork feet..what yous mean alls we gots is Worcestershire Sauce..welp.. pass it over!!

KRANG LIVES.. at XE.. ..
..Cherubae spotted.. scotch tape and chunky meat.. this is why the best Utroms never die.. n' why sometimes it just doesn't pay to get up on the right side of the bed in the morning.. (if i had my choice..i'd get up on the wrong side.. smash my face in the wall & get konked back ta sleepy land).. ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET..
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OFICIAL TMNT SITE UDATES here .. toys,re-hash strips,DVD news, Fleer Card info, and comic archive all from the "Berger's " mouth.. >v<

Monday, June 23, 2003

Becuase I like the TMNT alot and, like Cameron Crowe and Kevin Smith, I consider ripping something off one of those great forms of flattery. And in the age ol' ripping off formula aka Flattery, and being wrapped up in production of my movie, I am giving everyone, "Behind the Dribble", a mix between Peter Laird's Blast From the Past and VH1's Behind the Music. This week I give you the original design for the character that would later become Nick. Enjoy everyone!

And remember, as Tokka so graciously pointed out before... and so we can stick to the TMNT stuff... the latest updates from the Ninja Turtles Website can be found here.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

-->> ..  greenbacks in the bank and in the green..$$ KA-chinGG

TMNT 'Dreamwave #1 shows us Turtles are sell outs..
..special thanks to 'Cecil' at Steurges for the quick tip!!
8) .. >v<

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Pictures of the new action figures are on

I honestly don't know if anyone has posted this, but the official website reported on the new cartoon dvd release:

Funimation To Distribute TMNT Videos

Funimation Productions, which handles the home video releases for 4Kids Entertainment's high-powered Yu-Gi-Oh! series, will also handle the sales and distribution of video products from the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoon series now appearing on 4Kids' Fox Box on Saturday morning.

The first two TMNT video releases from the new series will each contain three episodes and will be available on both DVD and VHS tape. The DVDs will have a suggested retail price of $16.95 and the VHS tape will list for $12.95. The DVDs will include an exclusive interview with TMNT co-creator Peter Laird. The first two volumes from the new TMNT series will be released on September 2nd.

Saturday, June 14, 2003

Do you know what today is? If not, I'm sure Ashley can tell you in this week's strip, by clicking here. I gotten a few responses about the last few comic book related comic strips and everyone seems to enjoy them. So expect to see Raph, Wolvie and Spidey in some form or another return eventually! :-) Thanks for e-mailing me. E-mailing me makes me feel special inside. But what makes me even MORE special inside, is if you voted for my webcomic at Top Web Comics. You can vote once a day, and help D4K reach a whole new level of cool that Michaelangelo would respect!

Also to note: Javvi digitally inked a picturefor me a long time ago and of course it ROCKS! It's here, and it's tied to my novella "The Fall of the Foot Clan".

Enjoy, gang!

Friday, June 13, 2003

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Animal Planet's '50 Greatest Animals'


50 Greatest TV Animals. Saturday, 8 p.m., (check local listings) Animal Planet.

-N/Y/ Daily News

Show cites top critters, lets many get away

Who's the greatest TV animal of all time?

Bugs Bunny? Mister Ed? Flipper?

I'm not going to tell you who the top dog is, but Animal Planet has put together "50 Greatest TV Animals," a romp through television history that sets out to name the biggest creatures — real, animated and puppets — in small-screen history.

As far as that goes, this two-hour special, airing Saturday at 8, is a delight. But the spotlight is widened so much that puppets and cartoons and people in animal costumes are eligible for the competition, and TV commercial creatures as well. This dilutes the show's focus and impact. But with Mario Lopez as host and as produced by Michele Farinola, it's fun anyway.

"50 Greatest TV Animals" gets points for remembering some of the most striking real animals from TV history, including Fred the cockatoo from "Baretta" (No. 25), J. Fred Muggs the chimp from "Today" (No. 48) and even Bruce the ocelot from "Honey West" (No. 34). Rin Tin Tin is here (No. 14), and so is Clarence the cross-eyed lion from "Daktari" (No. 39).

Some of the choices are brilliant. The winning choice is perfect (we'll save the suspense on that one), and even Arnold the Pig from "Green Acres" gets his due. But with spots reserved for such undeserved creatures as the duck in the Aflac commercials and Chipper the dog (huh?) from "Land of the Giants" (double huh?), a lot of animals get unfairly neglected.

In the puppet universe, where are ALF, "Captain Kangaroo" stalwarts Mr. Moose and Bunny Rabbit, and Shari Lewis' Lamb Chop?

If Spot the dragon on "The Munsters" makes it, why not Ollie the dragon on "Kukla, Fran and Ollie"? And though Kermit the frog makes the Top 10, a dozen Muppet animals are missing, including Animal.

As for cartoon creatures, I miss Dino from "The Flintstones," Mickey Mouse and company from "The Mickey Mouse Club" and all four of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Huckleberry Hound and El Kabong, Top Cat — they're all overlooked, as is the NBC Peacock.

I don't expect the compilers of this list to treasure, as I do, Rancid the Devil Horse from "The Ernie Kovacs Show," or to remember Crusader Rabbit, or the hound dogs from "Columbo" and "Hee Haw." But no ALF? No Pokey from "Gumby"? No Barney? (Wait; that snub I like.)

No — gasp — Underdog?

Still, the ones who are ranked get impressively thorough and entertaining treatment. "50 Greatest TV Animals" is lots of fun to watch, even when it's infuriating for what you don't see.

..Toon in ta see if your Fave shell-back bunch made the top 50 !!

.. >v<


Thursday, June 12, 2003


Teenage Mutant Ninja Burger
The Modern Day Expansion to Ninja Burger: The Role-Playing Game

When the economy slumps, competition between fast-food franchises heats up! In their mad rush to simulate Ninja Burger's™ Unbelievably Secret Wasabi Sauce®, the dishonorable dogs at Otaku Bell™ accidentally exposed a batch of their I Can't Believe Its Not Wasabi! Sauce® to nuclear radiation. While tasty, the radioactive paste was deemed a failure after the test animals began to exhibit strange side effects; the frequent spouting of clich├ęd catchphrases and a penchant for the martial arts. A crazed Otaku Bell™ scientist stole the afflicted animals and opened his own fast-food chain: Mahjong-os™, where all pizzas are delivered within thirty minutes or they're on us!* Teenage Mutant Ninja Burger pits the honorable Ninja Burger™ employees against their toughest opponents yet -- highly intelligent, super strong, pizza-toting mutant animals. And, as if that weren't enough, it provides rules for state-of-the-art security systems and heavily armed guards to the delivery location as well. Luckily, Teenage Mutant Ninja Burger also contains Requisition Forms for new equipment and details on Wujenitsus, recently developed by the benevolent Ninja Masters, for use in today's hi-tech world. Combine all that with a new, controversial Ninja Sub-Clan, and you have the makings of one bodacious supplement!

$5.95 from NINJA BURGER
<br />B00gah Boogah!! ..



Wednesday, June 11, 2003


Howdy folks,

First off, the bad news: our server computer has gone haywire and it looks like it will need to be replaced and possibly relocated - this is going to cause alotta problems, so the site will periodically be down, run slow, have broken links and other general (and not so general) troubles for the next week or two. I can't even access it to update files at the moment, so I don't know when our next update will be. Hopefully we'll have it worked out by next Friday. Knock on plastron!

Fortunately our mail should be unaffected by the server's trouble.

Disappointing news: the production work being done by Hallmark for the live action TMNT mini-series that was slated to appear in 2004 has gone into hiatus while Hallmark negotiates an air date with ABC.

News about the new cartoon series: the season finale, "The Shredder Strikes Back" Part 2 will air this Saturday, June 14. Fox Box will then show repeats over the summer and the final 8 episodes will appear in the Fall. The 9:00 AM EST "TMNT repeat" time slot will be replaced with another show over the summer. Season Two will begin sometime in 2004, but a definitve date hasn't been set as of yet. Work has begun on the scripts for Season Two, approximately 7 scripts have already been completed.

4Kids Entertainment will begin releasing DVDs of Season One this September. The current ship date is set for September 2, but this is subject to change. 4Kids came to Mirage Studios and interviewed Peter Laird and some of the Mirage artists to include as bonus footage to the DVDs. I haven't been given any additional info about the format yet - but 4Kids has been releasing two episodes per DVD of other series, so it's possible that they'll follow this strategy with the TMNT (and it's possible that they won't :)

We've been getting alotta questions about TMNT 4 again. To quell the rumors, the old Digital Rim/John Woo CG project is still canceled. A new rumor about 4Kids producing an animated feature film is just a rumor at this point - we have'nt heard anything about this from the dudes at 4Kids. Perhaps someone in Cyberville heard about the DVDs and thought this was a film project - I don't know - but it ain't happenin' (at least not yet - who knows what the future may bring :)

That's all for now. Have a great week!

Dan Berger
Mirage Studios' Official Web Site Dude

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

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-..Comic con -pulse TMNT animation preview here from HT !!.."

.. as an outcast from turtle communities and fandoms in general.. tOkK is left grovelling and digging up the TMNT news on his lonesome.. more than 1/2 the time..
.. for those wonderful few with a special TMNT tip OFF of news worthy NEWSIES or TMNT spottings.. drop me a line please @
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.. tOkK needs your help.. send tippies my way.. and i'll do my best to make it worth your while.. an behalf of Mikey,Powdered Toast Man.. and myself.. i thank YOU!! 8) .. now back to me groveling..
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Saturday, June 07, 2003

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-..official Turtle ART winners here.."

-..April,Casey and Hun join the carded elite.. HERE.."

-..rehash strips.. HERE..">

..-TMNT Mirage special archives here....">

-order GOOFY TMNT halloween costumes here.. >>
-Picture of Ron Jeremy and Nick's personal hero,here .. :

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Friday, June 06, 2003

Hey everyone.

First off, in TMNT video game related news, if your local magazine retailer features this mag, or you can go to Gamestop, and check it out. It's the official Gamestop magazine (I know a few Walden Books here in Columbus carries them as well...) but the magazine is called 'GAMEINFORMER" and features a few new scans of the TMNT game that are NOT featured yet on the web, as far as I've seen. Also it features a few new more things that Mirage or the info on gaming sites have yet to include (specially those who played the game at E3 in which I heard the premiere of the game got rave reviews and a standing ovation the first day of E3 despite some skeptics...)

Pretty much, the game as seen in some of the screenshots at, you can play 2 player like the old arcade game in 3-d Ninja Turtle butt kickin action, BUT as the game progresses and you learn more "secret moves" you can also call upon your brothers as a whole, and do team combos. So all four turtles will be on the screen fighting at the same time! Sure, they'll be A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) but how sweet is that!? Also if you own one of the 'big three' systems and wonder about secret easter eggs and surprises, the team behind the game told the magazine not to worry, for the XBox, PS2 and Gamecube will have the same content for now, but slowly the Development Team is working to change that. Such as, hidden elements for the Gameboy Advance will be hidden in the Cube, and vice versa and some will have hidden clips in one game, etc.

So the game is gonna be a winner for anyone!! I'm physched! So the magazine: GAMEINFORMER, and the page number is 62. Check it out!

Sorry about rambling. I love the TMNT games tho and I can't wait. Moving along...

is THIS WEEK'S STRIP. Featuring Raph again from the fab four, I decided to throw caution to the wind and try some continunity yet again. Does it work? You be the judge. :)

I hope everyone has a good weekend and tomorrow is I hope, another new TMNT episode!


Thursday, June 05, 2003

Check out brand new fan-art by the very talented Lori! Four of her awesome pictures can be found in the fan-art gallery!

Both issue #10 of Mirage's TMNT and Issue #1 of Dreamwave Productions' new TMNT comic will be hitting the newsstands June 25, 2003. Check your local comic shop to make sure they've ordered them!