Friday, February 28, 2003

-->>..VRR00m~~!! ..

.. Another tight car custom.. just can't help but to post !! >8D
SHOhio '98 Convention Photographs!!

.. these are old photos & ya prolly seen them before .. but hey..if ya havn't ,it's news to you..

.. >v<

I dunno how long this has been out, but if you live in the UK, you can now purchase a double pack of the TMNT movie sequels.
Check out the specifications here!

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

-->>..whuddat ridin' up  my shell??  ..hey watch where yir stickin' that thing!! ..

.. AT the touching ,feeling X-Entertainment dot c0m.. you will touch and feel.. feelings & emotions..

..feel the love ..the warmth and the 'touching'..break out in song as April sings her ballad of longing for Turtle touching..
..Jeer as Shredder (a.k.a. Radar dish) b8tches n' moans about how much he hates music..

..LEARN the trade secrets..of the Turtles Terror Tour ..and all the touching and feeling and feelings and emotion..of touching Turtles..

Touch me.. and read.. ::


..we're big Fans here of X-E ya know.. but i was so high on cocaine and paint fumes that i missed..

the X-E 'TMNT-Just Say No!!' article

..@=^ wwhh00000AAaoo..l00kit alla pretty cl0ulorz n' read that one too.. >v<


..THANK YOU !! ..


.. A freeking big thank you to all who have supported the site all those who donated.. we have gotten more than 1/2 ..
of what we need to keep the place open.. if you still haven't donated..or can't.. THANK YOU as well!!

Your Support is always appreciated no matter at what level you are.. We love ya!! Again..THANKS SO MUCH!!

8) a word from the super Turtle-d0rk whose name is on this site..

..THANK YOU !! Operators are standing by..

Dear Friendz,

.. i'd like to personally thank all of you for helping to support my lame arse Ninja Turtle site that is lame!!

..N0 this isn't tOkKa writing this's really REALLY!!

Anyh00.. Ninja turtles has become my life..and i am a lazy nim rod who can't figure out a

brick from a bracket n' tOkKa
really is the one who does all the really you all should be thanking him and not me..

..but well thank you for your continued support even tho' i am a loser..

.. i have no dignity but i love you all

love ,L00Zer.. i mean, Mikey "quartrpoundermane"

Thanks ,Mikey.. we know your a l00ser.. but that is why we love you ..cuz you are so pathetic in your Ninja Turtle fetish
..that we pity you !! Thanks for making the most ghetto ninja turtle Fan site on the net..

..and thank you for destroying my self-worth by making me your slave!!

8P of these days i will get the keys to this lock.. i will escape from this dark,cold cellar.. and my pastey white arse ..

..will get his revenge by destroying your vintage "Leonardo sings Sinatra" LP collection!!

8D ..I hate you!!

.. >v<

Friday, February 21, 2003

-->> 1st-
..Help us help you..

Help Keep Mikey's running!! ..see 'red' announcement on the main page..**

2nd -official TMNT site update-0z
** RE-hashed TMNT strips..

**More new TMNT toy pix of some new sculpts of good old buddies ..

**More Crusty New TMNT 'official wall paprs for yir desktop ..

**Bosanova new 'Blast from the Past!! ..

And this announcement thingee from Dan 'Boingo' Burger::
Peter Laird and most of the Mirage crew will be doing a rare signing at That's Entertainment in Worcester, Massachusetts on Saturday March 22 from 1 PM to 5 PM. Joining Peter will be Michael Dooney (TMNT cover painter and style guide artist), Jim Lawson (TMNT penciler), Eric Talbot (TMNT inker) and Dan Berger (TMNT gopher and web dude). For those of you in the area or willing ot make the trek, here's TE!'s address:

That's Entertainment
244 Park Avenue (Route 9)
Worcester, MA 01609
Fax: 508-754-3882

..MMMMMM-Boy..tastey!! ..

Thursday, February 20, 2003

..pain' inna ..
..o' well, i tried to steal the graphic.. guess i'm an Ass ..
..excuse me..


Wednesday, February 19, 2003

-->>.. ehh.. let's try that again..

Michael Perez-posted
Want even MORE Ninja Turtles stuff???

Check that out... Squint hard and you'll see just what surprises are comin' up!

..get yir bi -F0cals....
.. ah .there ya go.. my mother used ta say.. 'When push comes ta shove.. n' worse comes to worse..
.. and ya just can't sem to get the jar of mayo open.. not even with the hammer..
steal thier graphic!! >8)
.. and THAT'S .. WHY I'M THE BAD GUY!! .. >v<

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Want even MORE Ninja Turtles stuff???

Check that out... Squint hard and you'll see just what surprises are comin' up!

Monday, February 17, 2003

..Toy Fair 2003 & TMNT!!..

Checkit!! Figures Dot Com..has some of the coolest
photo takers catchin' the best shots from the heart of the annual Toy Fair in Nueva York!!

Catch the galleries starting.. here..
!! !!

..and catch the sculpts of some tight new vehicles and the sculpts of some Turtle pals n' Unpals.. say..i dunno.. ::

....i love you,Casey....i love you,April ....i'd love a truck load of crab salad..

.. >v<

Friday, February 14, 2003

-->> ..schitz0..





..numbah eight..

....# 8 is out ..

..grrr..  i eat puppies!! interview with Mr.Peter 'MEANY' Laird is out ..


....a cool new 'Blast from the Past' is out ..

.. and somethin' is hangin' out of my pants..



..why it's my pet weasel.."JASPER" ~!~~!!

Hi,Jasper..i was lookin' all over fer ya!! .. how'd ya get in there?? !!


Wednesday, February 12, 2003

The new cold-cast porcelain statues have shipped and, if you ordered one, you need to go pick it up.... It's waiting for you at the comic shop!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

-->> ..plaster your monitor with Plastronable PLASTRONS !! ..say that 3 x fast!!

..YAAY!! Now you can make your desktop nice n' pretty (pretty ugly) with::

crappy 'official' TMNT desktop paper!!

..yes i said CRAPPY!! >8( ..


& this from Dan "bonehead" Burgerboy Berger Mc bunion::

Howdy folks,

I've been getting tons of requests for images from the new show, so I'll be
taking artwork from the style guide and adding them to the Art Gallery ASAP.
..blah blah blah..yayayayaada..stuff t0kk already told you about..yayayaa..

We just got a shipment of the limited edition cold cast porcelain Leonardo
statue delivered - which hopefully means that those of you who ordered them
will be able to pick them up within the next two weeks. Playmates has told
us that they plan to release Michelangelo next, but no release date has been
given. We're hoping that it will come out this year - but only time will

We haven't gotten the ratings back yet on the new TMNT cartoon shown on Fox
Box, but judging by the flood of positive mail that we've received, it did
pretty well. Thank you all very much for the support! =O)

No firm release date has been set, but the action figures of April, Casey
and Hun should hit toy shelves sometime this spring or early summer. We've
gotten some preliminary pix of the sculpts in - if Playmates will give us
permission, I hope to post them in a few weeks (the dudes from Playmates are
busy right now focusing on Toy Fair in New York City). Casey comes with a
removable mask and April will be packaged with two Mousers. Hun is HUGE.

For those of you who haven't heard, pre-production work has begun for a 2
part, live action television mini-series featuring the TMNT. The show is
being produced by Hallmark and we're hoping for a 2004 release. Steve
Barron, director of the first TMNT movie, is on board as a creative

Turtle mania is back! =O)

Dan Berger lunch i had a 'Jenny Craig' on rye!!

..yeah yeah yeah..

..tokK has a new best friend!! 8) .. >v<

Monday, February 10, 2003

-->> ..f6ck a VW-GOLF ..farfromthinkin.. !!

....just t00 damm amazing..i had to post it!!

.. yeah you prolly seen that before.. but well .. >8P

.. >v<

Saturday, February 08, 2003

-->> ..RE ROVE YOU, REORGE!! !!

....unless you've been living unger a rock..
..or a 3 week old stale pizza..
FOX BOX has TIRDS!! ..i mean TURTLES!!

..(hey..that's today!!)

The all new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are about to turn
New York City upside down! When their underground sewer
home is torn to shreds by mouser robots with jaws of steel, the Turtles
surface, only to find themselves face-to-face with the notorious Purple Dragons!
It’s time for some Serious Butt-Kicking Ninja Action!™


Click Here to Check
Your Local Listings!

!! !! !!



We’re shellebrating the arrival of the all new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
by giving away10 totally sweet grand prizes!

Ten lucky winners get the complete set of brand new Turtles
collectibles, awesome vehicles and four giant Turtles figures!
You could be the first lucky ones to get them.

PLUS, 200 first prize winners will win two of these butt-kickin’
ninja action figures and the Turtles shell cycle vehicle!

It’s one shell of a sweepstakes! Watch the Fox Box this
Saturday and find out how YOU can WIN!*

*Many will enter, few will win. See official catch 22 ..i mean ..rules for details.

..don't buy us..WIN US..if yir lucky,suckers!!

..proud makers of NOTHING FALICAL !!

.. ..enjoy the day !! 8) ..>v<

Friday, February 07, 2003


IT's an epidemic Nick!! ..what are we going to do?? ..All the rogs.. i mean Dogs are going CAWAZY!!

..Due to the Celebrative Nature of Nick and this web site.. with just less than a day away to commemorate..
broadcast T.V. .. all the canines in the nation have gotten the reflection bounced off the TMNT's RED HOT SUCCESS..

.. so in turn.. all the Dogs.. ..


.. I rearry,rearry,ROVE YOU..REARRY!!

..ahh what a lovely month for a lovely HOT.. debut!!

..just remember.. in this HOT,HOT month of puppy lovin'..

..ALWAYS..wear protection!!


.. do it fer the babies!!

.. oooo!! FOX BOX,kids ..tomarow mornin'..for the new TMNT ..and happy Breeding!!

..err..i mean happy PUPPY!! ..err.. yeah!! .. >v<

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Hey gang,

This Week’s Comic Strip is Now Available.

I’d like to give a little warning, that if those who may be offended by this strip, then I apologize, for I in no way, feel any harsh anger or purposely mean to josh at the expense of the gay/lesbian community. But with that said, go check out the new comic strip, entitled "Laughing It Up..."

But, since I’m very sure that I’ll piss someone off, if you wanna vent about it, write me at .

Also, next week expect some TMNT-related Dribble for Kids in celebration of the bran new show on Fox Box! That is all! ;-)

-->> .. 'HELLO !! My name is Dick Dastardly.. err..i mean Peter 'DASTARDLY' Laird' !!'s a bit of news stolen from strait from a horse's mouth..

... Comics Continum has ..

a brand new Interview with

..find out how happy n' greedy he really is & get the jist of the ISH ..about his fiendishly EVIL..
marketing plot to take over the globe courtesy of your favorite Green Teens.. !!

..also find out about the Return of.. ::

..!! !!
.. >v< ..peter laird is a big meany..

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

-->> ..Classified Ads on the.. 'TMNT offical'.com
are at..

..the end..

.. 'Ninja Turtles can Kiss my..fuzzy bunny bon bon' !! is the ish from DAN ' bon bon Mc Bunny boy band' Berger ..the Mirage Web boy leader..

Due to increasing problems, the Classified Ads pages have been removed from the site.

-->>.. just thought i'd throw that in to ruin all your Goofy TMNT Fan Boy 'ADDY' aspirations..

..and in other BERGER BOY NEWS: :: :: :: ::

The Mirage crew is heading to New York City on Thursday to attend the premiere of the new TMNT cartoon, which is gonna rock - but it doesn't leave me anytime for updates this week.
So - don't forget to check your local listings and watch the new Turtles cartoon on Saturday!
A new era in the TMNT history is dawning - awe yeah! .. ..


Ah well - Fireworks MX and Dreamweaver MX have defeated me.
After spending most of the past two weeks building the new frame set with rollover graphics and cool lil' pop-up menus,
I discovered today that the cool lil' pop-up menu feature in Fireworks doesn't work across a Frameset
(unless you do a lot of text editing inside the Javascript code in Dreamweaver, which I tried and utterly failed at.
I shoulda went to programming school instead of art school). This is quite aggravating considering that Fireworks has
the Target command you need for Framesets built right into the Pop-Up Menu utility, but it apparently ignores this
aspect of itself and prefers that you become a Java programmer to get it to work. GAH!!!

So it's back to the drawing board for the site's new design. A true drag, as I really wanted the new,
snazzy Frameset to be up this week to coincide with the release of the new series. :(

But enough of my worries - the good news is that the show finally airs this Saturday, so all's well. :)

See you next week - mebbe I'll get lucky and figure out how to edit that Java stuff by
then - or have something new cooked up. I could always abandon the idea of Frames and use
Tables (to get those cute but annoying lil' pop-up menus to work), but that would mean editing over
1,500 HTML documents - something I really, really wanna avoid.

Web sites - can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. :) :::::

..that last bit there is comforting knowing that even the mighty DAN 'Bon bon' Berger
pretty much stinks and is overwhelmed by web design..just like t0Kka here !! >8)

.. bout 2 more days,folks.. !! 8) ..>v<
Peter Laird's

Peter Laird is 'THE DEVIL' !!

..the 'PLANET RACERS' Web Site & 'Blast From the Past'

..get's a super cool update.. where we'll see the Mr.Laird's wonderful
penicl work for his Donatello Flyer for the original Turtlecon
in Portsmouth circa 1992!! some cool news regarding Saturday's big ..BIG
..and TMNT video games amoung other things..

..yep ..Mr.Laird sure has alot of class..


Monday, February 03, 2003

-->> ..FOREVER!! all your Turtle toys at..K-mart..

.. just do it.. !!

'Mikey's TMNT' is a proud sponser of ..

..>8P . . . .. .. .. >v<