Monday, December 01, 2003

If you could, make sure you "read between the lines". But not the same way Drew is meaning. I was just trying to be clever and getting you to click on my comic strip link. If you go
there, and you find you were tricked by such witty sayings such as "read
between the lines"
as you find out what it -- oh okay, I'll stop. My agent is telling me I'm digging a hole.   As if I had an agent. Um.. right. Moving along.

Dan and Co updated at the TMNT website. And with such brings much stuff for us to

If you're a fan of the fan-made desktops and icons, it seems the thanksgiving break
seemed to give people time to do more! Check out the new Desktop pictures or go down the other road by checking out the fan-made icons!


Also... apparently, well I'll just quote Dan on this one.
Take it, Dan-o!

"Someone wrote and is interested in starting a letter writing campaign to Artisan Home Entertainment to encourage them to release Season Sets of the original TMNT cartoon. If you'd like to joing the crusade, you can write to Artisan at this


Attn: DVD Releases

2700 Colorado Avenue, 2nd Floor

Santa Monica, CA. 90404"


So there you have. Let's recap, shall we?

New comic

New Fan-made Desktop pics

New Fan-made Icons

Write to Artisan!!

Btw.. did anyone check out the comic-con in Columbus OH yesterday? I got deathly sick with the new stomach flu. Drop me a line at
and tell me how it went!

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