Monday, December 15, 2003

-TMNT :Mutations .. make their re-debut..redesigned.. just a bit to match the new Turtle look.. and packed in with the icky,sticky,radioactive 00ze..that made the Turtle pets into Turtle Teens.. the Mutations Turtles hit the baddies and pegs at stores everywhere !! They are about 10 bucks.. as i kinda had to shell out my last 20 clams to pick up the 2 Turtles shown here.. there is a Foot Soldier and Shredder Mutation figure.. but if they are out.. i'm not sure.. all i saw were the main 4 TMNTs.. happy hunting.. and maybe be nice.. maybe the big Fat man that comes down yir chimney can pull you a favour!! 8)

..another cool little find .. TMNT:Bubble Gum bank machines..
.. really cool little quarter minchers that give ya gooey chewies in a spherical;pre-gooie,hard gum form ..
(o' lord.. just speak the English ,tOkK) .. the machine gives out gum balls.. >;}

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