Tuesday, December 09, 2003

..here's the first big blow to the new TMNT ..as far as i'm concerned..the news sucks..

T-drome's ..N turtle sez..:
Dreamwave has cancelled the TMNT comic book series. Issue #7 will be the last one to ship for an indefinite amount of time. The withdrawl was said to be mainly due to a lack of profit from the series. There is possibility however that the series will return in the summer, but LeSean has said he will most likely not be involved.
.. more from " cqb101"..
.."Just saw this posted on the dreamwave message board.
From Peter David's site (http://peterdavid.malibulist.com):

"I have been informed by the fine folks at Dreamwave that they are suspending publishing on the animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, with issue #7 (the second half of a two-parter) being the last one to ship. Issue #8 was to have kicked off the four part "T4: The Turtlenator," which Dreamwave has been advertising. Instead that storyline, currently being written and drawn, is being halted halfway completed with an eye towards possibly relaunching in the summer.

As fun as the series has been to produce, writing the first four issues under the constraint that they had to be based on the first four animated episodes resulted in issues that were, I think, not representative of what the series could have been. Plus, of course, one runs the risk of seeming superfluous since you're just rehashing stories people can see animated and for free. Issue #5, starting the run of wholly original stories, was the first issue I was completely happy with, and it was very well received...but not by enough readers. Particularly when one considers that Dreamwave has to pay licensing fees and thus has to sell a lot more copies than a creator-owned title in order to turn a profit.

I suppose sales on issues 6 and 7 will help determine whether we'll be seeing another run at the Dreamwave TMNT during the summer.
.. so.. i dunno.. i'll see what else i can dig up.. but well.. as a famous duck once said..
"Ahh..Phooey!!" .. >v<

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