Saturday, December 20, 2003


First, I checked out the new UK TMNT Movie website and it TOTALLY kicks shell.

Also just to re-iterate some of the TMNT website updates:
We have some new contest winners for the Art Contest.
More TMNT Daily Strips
Cool Contest for a Leo Statue!
And Last but not least... a wicked sweet preview of the Justice Force to soon be in a TMNT episode near you! Speaking of new TMNT eps, did anyone get a new episode at your local fox box? Due to saturday mornings with commitments, I've missed almost the ENTIRE TMNT in Space storyline minus the first two episodes of it, and tuned in this morning and was bummed out at the repeat.

Onto Dribble for Kids Stuff:
Part 1 of the Two Part Christmas Strips are Here. A new gag has entered the fray, aka, Nick's Mind late yesterday or so, (or was it Thursday??) either way, the ending of part 2, or part 2 of the strip in general has changed drastically. I enjoyed doing the page as a long comic book-like page, but it did take quite a bit of time. I've been working on the strip any chance I had from the 14th to today, where upon I finished it.

Being a good natured fellow tho, I decided to release this one TODAY and then release the new one, part 2, the day of Christmas, or how about right at the stroke of 12?? I think it sounds like a keen ideas, sorta like Santa Claus coming and dropping off your present early...

Now onto today's strip. Labeled "How The Grinch Got His Brother Fired" and labeled as such properly so, is more or less homage to one of the GREATEST christmas cartoon programs every released into the media, and that is naturally of course, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". :-) For a while we've watched the "O Brother" storyline un-fold, which still doesn't truly make a lot of sense why Nate dislikes his brother so, but... we do think that it is safe to say we are observing a whole new low for Nate.

And he does it on Christmas no-less! But don't worry folks. After New Years... a whole new storyline will begin... and so will will be Nate's reckoning! So until then... enjoy Part 1 of the 2 Christmas Strips from the Dribble For Kids Gang!

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