Thursday, December 04, 2003

It's late BUT a new comic is up. AND we're back on my actual domain name for the time being. While I am trying to find a way to get everything cleaned up a bit, website wise.. (not exactly doing a great job tho, it feels like..)

You might fight it a bit simpler perhaps. Or more confusing. I hope it's not the latter. Either or... The Jimmy storyline is picking up steam and also giving me the chance to branch out a bit, and do some more current jokes if I do deem to do so. :-)

Oh and while you're at it, if you could please, I'd appreciate it, remember to vote once every day this month for Dribble For Kids, by CLICKING HERE. It'd mean alot. :-)

With all that said, check out the Monster Truck, Inlike Skate Set and much much more thanks to Dan Berger and the gang by clicking right HERE.

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