Sunday, November 30, 2003

December's 'Previews' catalouge gives ya a nice and quicklook at D.Wave's TMNT#9 ..due in February!! Jason Pearson's sweet cover show's the Turte's gettin' trashed by the ominous 'Turtle-man' from Konami's own creation..
"DREAMWAVE-TMNT#9" Turtlenator Unleashed!!
Despite Donatello's electronic damage,T4 (Evil Turtle Robot) escapes. finding refuge with an uninformed April O'Neil. April's help develops T4's affinity for humans,inspiring it to stop a nearby robbery. The media attention identifies it as the frog costume enigma from recent Turtle sightings. Can the team remain low profile for much longer??
s.r.p. $2.95 "

..shocks,rocks, n' pops.. the TMNT's mecha-turtle mayhem ..continues!!

- TMNT vol.4 #14 also debut's in Feb. With Decisions,discoveries,mysteries,Mikey's new job.. and Raphael.. wakes up..

..changed.. as in 'Monster' changed!! ?? !!


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