Monday, December 22, 2003

..well rumours.. but no 100% confirmation ..that 'Turtle Titan' Mike has been showing up in the latest batches of the 'Fighting Gear' TMNTs.. this is pretty believable.. it wouldn't suprise me if Playmates did start shipping him out.. there are some last Minute X-mas bucks from late Mom and Dads who didn't have the time to shop for their kids earlier.. and Playmates prolly is really targeting that this time of year.. well whatever.. TMNTs in general have been selling like mad all month long. 'Silver Sentry and Dr.Malignus' also part of the super hero assortment are on the box.. but were not seen on the pegs.. prolly a lone offering for now.

.. but if your out and about the next couple days before the big 'X-mess' .. go check the TMNT pegs at the store may get lucky.. and if you have any X-mas dinero left over.. ya may get a new Super Hero to add to your collection !!

- snoozed.. you loosed-ED!!
Official TMNt site's Leo Statue contest is over.. ..contest winner and the answers to all the trivial trivia questions are here.. !! Lucky Devilette.. !!

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