Saturday, December 27, 2003

-->>..and someday soon..very soon..WE HOOD ORNAMENTS WILL RULE THE EARTH!! BWAAAHAHAA!!
-My T-drome leaks.. mainly amoung them ;NTurtle..(welcome back,buddy!!) .. are tellin' me that DR.Malignus and Silver Sentry are showing up in stores.. so slowly and surly as the new year approaches.. new waves of TMNT figs are creepin' their way to the pegs.. and while ..when i went out to the stores on Friday..most of the TMNT figs were exhausted.. with mainy just some vehicles and shell-cells left on the shelf.. ..more new plasticies will pop up soon as well as ones you missed like the Mutations and the Fightin' Gear TMNTs.. so if Santa didn't cover all yir TMNT bases.. just wait a little bit.. all what's brand new and your favorites are sure to be restocked!!

- ..and from Nturtle ..
.. the new cartoon will remain in reruns it seems, with "Meet Casey Jones" at 8:30 and "Shredder Strikes pt.1" at 10:30 tomorrow. As well as "Nano" and "Shredder Strikes pt.2" on the 3rd of January.

..woo..well maybe you can take a break from your VCR's and just sit back and enjoy a show in yir jammies with a big bowl of Crunch Berries ..come Saturday morn !! 8)
.. >v<

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