Friday, December 19, 2003

-->>..Turtle Ghosts of X-mas PAST!!
..crap.. so much happens on a Friday..
..MATT XE has put up a smidge of a download.. THE TMNT Christmas Mobile..
..Matt's all nice n' pi55y about it..Like he normally is on XE.. and that's the way we like it..
Clickit' now to reload all the Turtle Ghosts of X-mas past.. and for more Turtle skeletons that leak out of the closet..'s Matts ol' article on the flap-jaw Turtle's X-mas special.. !!..
..oi ..ya know.. i think i'm gonna go hit the eggnog right about now.. >v<

~~~~~~~~~ of the classic TMNT books .. vol.1 # 15 ..the Turtles run into a bunch of vetran super heroes..known as the The Justice Force ..playing on some of the classics Super Hero Mythos some the 1930s-1940s and such.

- Mr.B of Official TMNT fame give ya a quick and cool glimpse in..TMNT Episode 48 preview ..
..again some classic TNNT characters are given new life.. and finally you'll get to see the real Metal Head in anime form!!
..too cool..!!

-..Danny B's standard TMNT updates start here..Contests,Comics and more!! ..


..and it's pi55ing off the Brit critics .. but//
TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: Directors Cut is taking cinemas all over UK and all over.. Turtle Lovers tho' are estatic.. .. you know who your 'Heroes' are ,kids.. go out n' give the Critics Shell!! >8)
..the Official TMNT 2004 site is here!! ..


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