Tuesday, December 23, 2003

-->> ..gee..i hope our first issue ain't our last!!
Dan B. has issued some regret .. ..on the official TMNT site.. regarding the 'Tales.. ' book..:
Cowabummer! We missed the deadline for getting Tales of the TMNT #2 into the proper issue of Diamond's "Previews" order book, so it will be appearing alongside the next solicitation of the regular TMNT comic. We are not smart!

Although we messed up and missed the solicitation deadline, the production of Tales of the TMNT is still on schedule! We're working with Diamond to get the issue on the stands at the end of March as planned! Here's the scoop on the issues that are already finished or well on their way:

Tales of the TMNT #2 - "Seeds of Destruction" by Steve Murphy (script), Jim Lawson (pencils) and Eric Talbot (inks). A solo story starring Splinter the rat with art by the regular TMNT creative team of Jim Lawson and Eric Talbot! In this, the second issue of the new bi-monthly Tales of the TMNT, it takes Splinter all of his wisdom and ninjitsu skills to ward off an attack by a powerful Foot sorcerer! Martial and mystical arts mayhem from Mirage!

Tales of the TMNT #3 - "The Worms of Madness" by Steve Murphy (script), Rick Remender (pencils), and John Beatty (inks). The return of the Shredder... but not the way you expect! A 48-page extravaganza!

Tales of the TMNT #4 - "Darkness Weaves" by Steve Murphy (script), Jim Lawson (pencils) and Eric Talbot (inks). Raphael and Shadow team-up against a pack of werewolves led by the deadly Lilith!

Tales of the TMNT #5 - "Scars" by Dean Clarrain (script) and Chris Allan (art). The fan-fave creative team behind Archie Comics' TMNT Adventures returns! A solo story starring Leonardo that focuses on the life of the Foot Soldier known as Cha Ocho!

So if all goes well and we don't screw up the solicitation again, all of these issue will ship on time! :)

.... i don't care..this book marks the return of some great artists and writers from the TMNT's past.. and fills in gaps in the new series .. (like the mysterious.. 'Cha Ocho') ..the first book hits sooner than you think here.. and maybe they are off schedule..but yeh.. "..if it's not late..it's not Mirage." ..

-Some added 'TMNT' toon info.. will cover some more of the global TMNT televised spectrum.. 'specially when TMNT get's daily pimp-AGE on Cartoon Network starting in March.. the TMNTs are popping up everywhere.. so.. yeh.. i'm guessin' the TMNTs are bigger than Jesus..
HEY..!! Watchit.. !! You wanna go to the place with the guy with the red suit?? huh.. do ya ,TOKKA?? huh .. no.. i ain't talkin' about Sannie Clause neither.. i mean..the other guy in the red suit..the OTHER GUY !!.. don't push me,TOKKA!! ..i've been in a bad mood the past 85 Christmas seasons or so.. and don't even get me started on the whole 'Rudolph' thing!! GRRRRRRR!!

.. gee whizz.. testy little savior ..isn't he!! ..sheesh.. that's gratitude for ya..
.. no skin off my back..i don't even worship you anymore.. gaaww..

.. well, happy birthday..


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