Thursday, December 04, 2003

--..ok.. i'm gonna do a flopple-back flip flooey off the side pool bar.. triple it up with a nine foot double on my head and totally jabb these sais in my eye sockets!!

- 'TMNT' Inline Skate sets are hittin' sporting good isles at your fave stores.. just for you kidd0s.. knee & elbow pads,cool bread bucket helmet,and hi-tech skates chock full of awsome TMNT graphX.. it's a little over $$30 ..but i'll double check for ya..

- the 'Hot Wheels' TMNT Monster Truck 64 scale (just a little larger than the regular Hot Wheels cars) are hitting the pegs.. they are nice and cheap at a little over $2..!! Real cool to run over yir ol' Matchbox collection!!

-DANNY B.'s official TMNT updates and now Daily Re-hash Comic Strip updates..start here !!

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