Tuesday, December 16, 2003

-..Mutant Ninja Turtles Ep01..an unauthorized.. but cool as hell fan TMNT flash movie is available at New Grounds.. it's pretty much 100 % fan.. even the voices are all Tdrome and MikeysTMNT forum regs..so.. pretty cool.. Leonardo fans will get a kick out of the use of Swords.. it's a pretty hi- download.. maybe selecting a lower running quality and you'll be set!!

-Danny B. of the official TMNT site ..has a cool TMNT LEO trivia contest for ya..
.. if you answer the questions.. the prize is scratch and dent.. but just the box.. the actual loot.. well a prestine one of these (speakin' of Leo fans!!):: ..
 ..hey look ..i found a can of 'sghetti o's fer only a nickel!!
..enter with all the right answers and follow the rules and good luck!! 8)

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