Friday, December 05, 2003

-->>..Woody !! MY GAWD..YOUR PANTS ARE DOWN.. MY GAWD.. is that Woody's woo-  -d d d--??..
This Just in From New Mexico's 'Clovis News Journal'..!!
2 prominant 'Parental Watch-dog' groups.. have listed Playmates Toys' 'Casey Jones action-figure' ..and Mikey's Role Play 'chucks as 2 of Most VIOLENT AND DANGEROUS TOYS NEVER EVER NEVER EVVER NEVEREVER to Buy your children 'NEVER' !!
What could be worse than that??

"Clyde Davis's List of Doomed toys"....these are the Wost of the worst.. the 'Doomed' toys.. buying even 1// just one.. hell just rippin' off the limb of one and shopplifting in yir pocket ensures your place in Hell,the fact that you absolutly hate your children,you are on Dr.Laura's :"TO BE TERMINATED" list.. and you seal Saddam Heusen's victory over the United States.. and when they bury you 50 feet under.. W.Bush and Bin Laden will be doin' the two-step and throwin' rose petals on yir head stone and while drinkin' Coronas.. and your children will file papers to try to get adopted by wolves.. o' will be a nightmare.. DO NOT BUY THOSE TOYS. DO NOT.. you better check the list to see what toys not to buy and save your soul!! o' Agony..AAAA-GGOOO-NNNYY!! ..>v<


-->> yir back..
Hey you X-box Ninjas..Ryu is back!!
..and this time.. the Gaiden's got more..even 'Chucks!! N.G. #1 !! least 2.1.. next to TMNT!!

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