Wednesday, December 10, 2003

-->> ..punch my lights out why doncha'..
..things are a little fuzzy on the whole Dreamwave announcement to drop the TMNT book.. but here's some info courtesy of 'Brianatello'::

..let Dreamwave know how ya feel.. can shoot a quick message to:

..and even in this day n' age of the quick n' speedy
..good ol' snail mail letters have alot of clout :

Dreamwave Productions
II Allstate Parkway Suite 200
Markham, Ontario
L3R9T8 Canada

..whatever the case.. be polite.. but let your voice be heard..if anything'll show Dreamwave your support.. & that's the heart of makin' things work..your support.. it can happen..and maybe the book can be reconsidered.. who knows!! .. i guess i better drop D.W. a line myself!! 8)
.. >v<

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