Thursday, December 11, 2003

-->> ..ya know..i'm gettin' a lil' p1ssed.. ya turtles.. ya come in here.. run around kickin' all the foot clans.. then ya waltz on into here expectin' ta get free drinks cuz yir 'celebriteis.. ya know..j-j- just get outta here..before i shoot ya!!'\..
-..TMNT #13 of the regular turtle book hits the stands
..Danny B. of the..official TMNT's site..provides a quick peek ....with a striking cover of a somebody who looks really REALLY mean!!

-..Y0.. U.K. fans..Jannuary issue of NOM UK: Nintendo's official mag-U.K. features pack-ins this month of (for the first time):: ..a playable demo disc. Readers will receive a three-level playable demo of Sega's Billy Hatcher & the Giant Egg (with single and multiplayer options), an official inflatable Nintendo toy (Bullet Bill, Bowser or Ganondorf); PLUS a free pack of Pokémon STAKS, previews of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mario Golf, Pac-Man Vs. and F-Zero 2 on Game Boy Advance. Reviews include Mario & Luigi, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun..and more..!!
- ..'Silver Bullet' gives a real quick scoop from P.David about the whole crusty Dreamwave announcement.. 8(

-..kinda underscored.. but really worth a look ,the TMNT comic strip ..most everyone knows about it..(unless you've been livin' under a manhole cover all these years)..but DAN B. has been doin' a daily update of the strip.. just so damm cool!!

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