Sunday, December 07, 2003

-->> ..Horray,Raph.. underwear!!.. pair of boxers can control my all mighty supernatural Marshmallow-magnetism.. yeh you want s'mores,baby.. yeh ya do!!
TMNT Boxers,Kiddos..!!'s kinda been TMNT Fan-girls' all over Turtle fandom to have nice snuggly TMNT boxers to wear with their favorite pairs of jeans.. and this schiz0 loves the Joe Boxer Turtle types..

.. i got these 2 pair at 'Wal-mart' .. and hopefully some other stores will be gettin' 'em in. They'll prolly be in the Boy's section,kiddos.. so..if yir a big kid like me your gonna want the XL..!! tOkKey's got his boxers on!!


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