Saturday, January 31, 2004

Cowabunga doods and doodettes, a little surprise for some of you.

As things are picking up here at Dribble For Kids I realized that working a head is a nice thing to do. So, I began to work a bit on some of the covers I mentioned to you all eariler.

I promised you all in a month or so, or maybe even sooner, un-veiling the cover I drew for an upcoming storyline which is gonna be big for the D4K gang. The cover is, in homage to the Mirage TMNT comic book, from covers # 1 and # 50 (part 1 of City at War). This is an exclusive that only you all at Mikey's TMNT are allowed to see, and so... because I promised it... BOOYAH!

Here's Part Two of "The Lord of the Sweaters" entitled "Fellowship of the Sweater".

I can't say enough how excited I am. And yes, some of the characters will get to go "Ninja Turtle" on a few characters. ;-)

Okay, moving along to actual TMNT news... As Tokka reported eariler... we got Official TMNT Updates O'Plenty!

And for all those who saw Secret Origins Part 3 today, how KICK @$$ was it today? I think it was. Kudos for Peter and the gang at Doggie Woo for re-inventing the Turtles while yet remaining true to their roots. And even props to them for being able to sit back and laugh/joke on the past. (For those who've not seen it, let's just say... "April in a Yellow Jumpsuit." and that should be enough. ) Anyone who saw the episode and wanna chat with yer fellow Turtle fans, or if you haven't and you want all the poop and scoops on what yah missed, join us on the "Episode Discussion" topic in the forums!

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