Saturday, January 10, 2004

-->>..hey,Bean brains.. i'm nuts!!
-..i got a report of someone seeing TMNT versions ofMoose's Mighty Beans..i have no idea what they look like.. but i'd imagine they are real silly looking like the 'Marvel Super Heroes' Beanz.. and i've been keeping my eyes peeled ..the 'TMNT BEANZ' are listed to comemout on Jan.15th.. which is real soon here. Companies sometimes push up the release dates on it's already the 10th.. and this report is fairly beleivable.. but well .. i'm a blockhead.. i'll post pix or anything as soon as i get my hands on some of these lil' buggers.

- ..see spot save!!
The TMNT Sewer Playsest..kind of the ultimate TMNT Play toy out now.. when it was released last was running for about 48 - 50 bucks..
..but 5-6 months later.. clearance savings set in.. and nothing beats a 'Target' Clearance sale.. if you still haven't gotten the playset.. cuz the price was not nice.. check the Clearance Toys at your local Target now.. you may just find thr 'Sewer Playset' marked down..really..REALLY low!!.. I hit up 'Super Targets'..the playset was marked down to about 27 bucks.. even better.. at the Regular Target store by me.. ..the Playset was marked down to $$20 !! .. that's more than 1/2 off.. and not too out of reach ta thrifty Turtle fans.. checkit out !! Now's a great time to get the set at a good price.. and when Target sells 'em out.. they may not get 'em back in stock !!

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