Thursday, January 29, 2004

-->>..wipe the crap off..'s a crappy picture of a not so crappy TMNT Beach Towel ..poppin' up at stores now for about 10 bucks .. it's a little early for spring breaks and summer time travels.. but still Beach Towels are the best !!
.. even before ya hit the beach or never at all.. the best bath towels are BEACH TOWELS !!
Nothin' like swabbin' dry after squeaky cleaning from the shower or tub with yir favorite TMNTs on a big fat fluffy towel..(even better if it's fresh and Downey smellin' from the dryer..!!)..thanks,Mawm!!

-T-Drome's 'NTurtle' notes on a little note..::
"Just a little note: DVD Volume 7 and 8 are scheduled to be released on March 23rd.
No box pictures yet either, but it looks like Volume 7 will cover the three "Return to New York" episodes and Volume 8 will cover the "Search for Splinter" episodes. .."


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