Monday, January 19, 2004

-->>..elusive exclusive.. the Dreamwave TMNT slowly dies down for the time being..the Exclusive Pat Lee TMNT animaition #1 insentive cover art is still very hot..
Last October the Comapny ploped out an elusive Print Litho of the same art for 30 bucks.. but not alot of fans got thier hands on the pretty poster (let alone the P.Lee cover book)..
"Wizard's Poster Mania" is out on stands right now.. next to it's Toy Fare and Wizard mags.. it's pumped full of Posters from some fave comics.. including one poster of above imagery.. While the poster is kind of less than par.. you still may wanna pick up the mag.. for 5 bucks you get Pat Lee TMNT pin-ups and over 40 other posters to deck out the pastey white walls in your room from Star Wars to Transformers.. the cover of Poster Mania has a Swinging Spider-man.. the one to look for!! 8)


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