Tuesday, January 27, 2004

..mysterious Matrix and Ghosts in a Shell.. strange things amidst on the 'Blockbuster' computers.. or so says Sanjuro ..bad arse Ronin of the Mikeys TMNT Forums..he sent me some info that may help solve some more of the release date mystery of 'TMNT -classic' on DVD.. and hopefully he won't mind a direct quote (just short of me loosing an ear or 2 to some stray daisho slash..)


I work at Blockbuster. As I was watching the TMNT
at work I wanted to see the status of the two new DVDs that were
backordered. * But BEHOLD this new item came up. ..
Well its the "Nija Turtles" but I think that is good enough.
Our computers are usually DEAD on with release dates and we dont get any titles in there until they have a solid release date.
The price is sometimes off, however that would be an amazing price $14.99. $9.99 is the used copy price. Looks like 420 has a
good meaning again after those stoners ruined it.

.. so unless i'm stoned..(which i often get accused of anyway)..
..'APRIL 20' is the magic Tuesday to mark you calenders and deffinatly a thing to look forward to when the April Showers hit.. and maybe they'll show the deleted scenes of April O' Neil hitting the showers.. won't that be a DVD extra!! 8)

.. i'm kidding.. .. uuhh.. THANKS a HEAP,SANJURO!!

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