Friday, January 23, 2004

-->> ..pow-AAHH to the LOGO!!..
..N.TRON of Syk0grafix ..sent this link:: ..
Broken Frontier's Pat Lee (of DreamWave)'s mainly about Transformers..DW's seemingly flagship titles.. but there is a little blib on TMNT..
:.."There has been a lot of questions about Turtles. We do have some new plans for Turtles and will be launching information about it shortly. .."
.. DREAMWAVE and TMNT.. it seems are still grinding.. but there is still some gum in the works.. stay tuned!! and thanx ,NTron !! >8)


- Mr.B.. of official TMNT d0t com.. gave us the link to more info on the upcoming ..
TMNT :classic cartoon re-release ..but for the first time on DVD..:
Artisan Home Entertainment does not inform us of their plans, so we don't know anything more about it. We're as curious and hopeful as you are about this news. :)

..this little blurb.. tells of some un-aired eps featured on the disk..

w0w!!.. i'll keep up on this.. fer sure,dudes!! 8)

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