Wednesday, January 07, 2004

-->>'AAAHHGG..i can't SEE!!'  'Where Are We,who are we??' 'How do i pee in this thing?? I have to Pee !!' ..'Ah f7ck.. we haven't been in these damm suits but five minutes and already we're getting space sick!!'
The TMNT Site update Slipped by me Danny B. catches us up with :
--The Next Gen of Space Cadet Turtle Toy Prototypes!!

--The already awsome Fighting Gear TMNT get some Mini Fig protos!!

--The Berger King shows ya a real good look at the 'Burger King' promo toys out at the B.K. now!!

--Cool source book and V.Game info start on the main updates section..
..well,oingo boingo..after eating all this Burger King stuff.. i'm gettin' space.. noone can hear you hurl!! ~~~~**


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