Sunday, January 11, 2004

-->>..Certified-Turtafied.. we turtles know how to Recycle!! Hummm-VEEnus de Milo!?
-..The Turtle Tracker ..hum-VEE is out's actually a re-release from the 'Next Mutaion' line.. it's actually the exact same toy as the 'Mutant Marauder' (sp) but it spits out Ninja Stars instead of pizzas.. pretty cool!!

- 'Rose Art' is making slews and slews of TMNT activity sets with color-me posters,stickers,markers ..the works.. and i actually may pick some up myself ..i saw that there were tons at Toys R' Us late last night!!

- There is a 'TMNT Wall Clock' w/ sound listed in the January '04 issue of 'Previews'..the picture i took of the Previews page of the clock was just i'll try to get a nice scan when i can..
TMNT Wall Clock w/ sound:
"Look up, & see the hardshell hitters help you figure out the time of the day on this wall lock that features the Ninja Turtles Theme sonf playing on the hour,every hour! A light sensor stopsthe clock from playing the tune at night, so you don't miss your beauty sleep. Also includes an on/off switch to turn the tunes of completely,if you need some peace and quiet" ..SRP.. $24.99

.. TMNT Clocks!!'s about time!! >8]

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