Thursday, January 22, 2004

-->> tales.. keepin Turtles on their tails..
.. it's almost time.. official TMNT site has some odd updates that are really cool::
- TALES of the TMNT #1 vol.2 ,Preview..

-Basic TMNT updates and TMNT # 14 preview..

.. the odd thing is .. Mr.B is saying TMNT (animation)# 7 is last book from DreamWave.. i'm getting feedback that # 8 is the final.. yet.. #9 was in the 'Previews' book a few months back.. so .. all i can say is wait.. I've not been to the Comic shop myself scince earlier last week.. so.. i'm very confused.

- ..THE Burger King TMNT promotion ends February 1st.. so get in there while ya can..
.. i've managed to snag the toys.. all of them But the Leonardo.. while there usually is plenty of TMNT toy fondue to go around to the kids.. i've been havin' trouble myself snagging axactly the ones i want and getting more than a few doubles .. it's all good by me.. i like to have a toy to open and play with.. and one to save. And at a buck a peice.. they are a great deal..!! But again.. get yir choppers on some burgers.. and get your toys.. cuz when February hits.. it's all over.. (well for the most part.. n' those of you watching your figure.. remember you can buy the toys seprate from the Kid's Meal) .. ;)


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