Thursday, January 15, 2004

-->> ..beanee people bobble but they don't fall down..
..Moose's ominous TMNT Mighty Beans.. (for example here @ 'toy webb') .. are about ready to wobble all over the toy isles.. these things are crazy as hell and yeh..kind of like trading cards or yir older brother's moldy ol' Pog collection..they are pretty collectable.. there are 32 on the suckers in all.. prob is only get one sneak peek Bean per 'Try Me' pack of 4.. so ..these lil' Ninja Nutshells are gonna keep ya on yir toes.. the good thing is tho' ..they are real hot and alot of fun.. so it's time to grab your fellow TMNT bobble buds and start pickin' and tradin'.. here is the check list i managed to steal off T-drome forums..

(what we're looking at here are the standard and i am assuming more common Beanz.. that will be available per pack..::

TMNT Mighty Beanz - 1-18: Standard

TMNT #01: Leonardo
TMNT #02: Donatello
TMNT #03: Raphael
TMNT #04: Michelangelo
TMNT #05: Splinter
TMNT #06: April O'Neil
TMNT #07: Mouser
TMNT #08: Purple Dragon Leader
TMNT #09: Purple Dragon: Two Ton
TMNT #10: Purple Dragon: #3
TMNT #11: Purple Dragon: #4
TMNT #12: Purple Dragon: #5
TMNT #13: Baxter Stockman
TMNT #14: Foot Soldier #1
TMNT #15: Foot Soldier #2
TMNT #16: Foot Tech
TMNT #17: Guardian
TMNT #18: Casey Jones

(ok.. what follows are the more obscure ones i'm thinking.. these are the one's yir gonna wanna trade with your buds.. unless yir a social recluse like me.. all i'll prolly be able to trade for down here is to the rats ..maybe they'll trade a scrap crumb of stale Weat thins.. they are called 'Elite'..prolly in homage to the Shredder Elite.. and rightly so.. these guys are gonna be at the top of the bean stalk..)

19-32: Elite //

TMNT #19: Hun
TMNT #20: Oroku Saki
TMNT #21: Shredder
TMNT #22: Foot Elite Guard (Bean is Foot Tech Ninja)
TMNT #23: Hamato Yoshi
TMNT #24: Leonardo: Street Clothes (?) (Bean appears to read Mike)
TMNT #25: Raphael: Street Clothes
TMNT #26: Casey Jones: Masked (?) (Can't make out second part)
TMNT #27: Splinter: Instructing
TMNT #28: Donatello: Welding
TMNT #29: Leonardo: Fighting Gear
TMNT #30: Donatello: Fighting Gear
TMNT #31: Raphael: Fighting Gear
TMNT #32: Michelangelo: Fighting Gear

..silly lookin'.. not to do some magic harpin on the subject.. but boy..they are funny lookin'!!
Now much anticipation has led to the mad quest for the Goose that lays the Golden Beanz.. it's a Giant quest.. so go out and and start stalking your favorite shop.. and when the cows come home.. you can tell yir mom.. you got some Mighty Beans.. and that's about all ya know,Jack!!

..ok.. i'll quit.. i think ya all get the jokes by now.. no more opening cans of worms.. i'm already opening plenty cans of beanz.. ahh ok.. ok.. i'll stop.. but that was a gas.. ok.. ok.. i'll go run out in traffic now.. i mean speakin' of gas.. -- --
..(thanks go to Vinatge Splinter for breakin' the wind on this whole speel here !!)


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