Monday, January 05, 2004

-..our loverly cover-models display for you the nice n' easy ..tipsy and tricky.. 'TMNT Yo-yo ball'.. this return toy is hittin' toy shelves all over..and will run ya jast barely a little over a ball-bustin' $$3-4 bucks..round that price range..(where's my receipt??) !!

-..Foot Fightin' ball-bashin bouncer!!
..speakin' of ball-busters.. as is the 'Donatello "Bouncing Buddy' from Hedstrom.... running for about 6 bucks.. all 4 Turtles are in 'Bouncey form' ..ready ta show all the balls on the block the bases and who the real heroes are in the park!!

- Not shown .. there is a series of 'TMNT WATCH' gift packs..
.. for about $15.00 a pop.. a bit pricey.. but they all come in a small variety of Collectable tins.. and a each set is different.. for example.. 1 set includes a Raphael watch and a set of TMNT Fleer Trading cards.. while a Leonardo watch face features a few different interchangable bands.. and another watch includes a TMNT alarm clock.. these sets are pretty cool.. and are marked 'Gift Sets'.. i did not see the manufacturer..but i'll assume it's the same company that makes the TMNT watches 'single' watches.. ..but i'm out of dinero for such delicious time-counting

.. that's news fer now.. more TMNT pumpin' pimpin' ,money wastin' and laundering as it all washes out and busts my balls..
Bounzing Buddy Balls ,that is.. ..oiii..i'm tired!!

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