Monday, January 05, 2004

Hey everyone. I hope your christmas was turtle-y!

Mine was, but then, it's like the Shredder got to me! Er, well Baxter did, I should say! I got that new flu that's going around, and right on New Years' Eve. Hence why the lack of updates from yours truly! First, let me say that despite the very large amount of pieces and dice (11 dice are included!!!!) the TMNT board game which comes in a nice little tin can, is a fun and adventurous little game! Definately worth the money! I don't know how much my friends paid for it, but I finally got to play it with myself when I was sick. (maybe a PvP match is on soon? ) Either way: definately worth it. The tin cans are also so much easier to put away and put everything in! It will never fall apart like the old boxes would/do!

While my new years' was crappy, I did get a few comics done. Just with the holidays and all, I've been a bit behind. So Ol' Nick's here to update yah!

First, we have the 2nd part to "How The Grinch Got His Brother Fired".
Second: We Have Jim and Nate doing a little Call and Answer on New Year's Eve
Third: A New Cover for the new year! Issue 2 of Dribble for Kids begins!

Enjoy and here's to the new year!!!

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