Friday, January 09, 2004

-->>Hey,Babe..Pucker Up!!   ..:: Hey..back off,pal.. your not a man ..your a Mouser!!
-DROME Dome ;N Turtle sez::
"TMNT kids shoes, woo hoo!

It looks as though Dreamwave will be publishing Issue #8 of TMNT. Quite possibly the last from Dreamwave, alas.

This February give your special somebody a TMNT Valentine card! Out in stores now."

..the Valentine cards are pictured above.. heart stickers and envelopes included to send to thw whole class.. !! far as DREAWAVE goes....TMNT # 8 being the last ish?? .. maybe so.. i'm confused.. #9 was listed least i thought it was.. looks like i need to check my records..

- Dan B. Updates the main TMNT page..including catching up all the latest TMNT toys listings..including Posable plushes and Fighting Gear TMNTs other goodies..

-Mr.B also says.."New episodes of the TMNT toon are slated to begin in the USA on January 17th with episode #32, "Secret Origins" Part 1. Hopefully there won't be any more repeats until mid-May." .. so cue your VCRs again..'s time for the Turtles to get some answers.. and gees.. i almost forgot about Fugitoid!! .. sheesh.. it has been awhile.. come on,January 17th!!

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