Wednesday, January 14, 2004

-->>..change is better..
..i'm gonna assume the 'Michelangelo/Foot Soldier' art work on the previous mentioned TMNT vol. 5 is conceptual pre-production art.. cuz.. the VHS tapes and DVD in stores now show strikingly cool new Khary Randolph / Dooney (??) art work of Mikey Vs. Quarry,Stonebiter, and Razorfist's tricky to tell on the art sometimes cuz this new animated style of work is a bit similar. Vol. 6 has the same art work as it shows in pre-production.

..i was wrong on the Peter Laird thing.. my bad.. 8(
..but there are cool new Bios.. TMNT game demo and Prima Guide previews and some cool commercials i've not seen..on the DVD.. all in all.. great buys!!'specially for Monster lovers & Shredder fans.. DVD rumblings?? coming soon..
'Return to New York' ..!!

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