Sunday, February 01, 2004

-->>?!!? month.. (yeh.. happy February..)..
March 23 ..we're lookin' at VHS and DVD vids::

"TMNT - Volume 7: Return to New York
Episode 20 - Monster Hunter
Episode 21 - Return to New York pt. 1
Episode 22 - Return to New York pt. 2
Episode 23 - Return to New York pt. 3

TMNT - Volume 8: Search for Splinter
Episode 24 - Lone Raph and Cub
Episode 25 - Search for Splinter pt. 1
Episode 26 - Search for Splinter pt. 2

My T-drome snoops also mention another Box set of Volumes 5-8.. so.. oii.. we're apperantly looking at 5-6 months between original air dates and DVD releases..

.. so a volumes 9 and 10 release will prolly be set for May or June.. also..the artwork shown there may be tentative..the actual cover art may differ.. we'll see..

..'scuse me.. i need to go shoot some Coke..
..i've had a stray can runnin' around the yard all night ,barking like the dickens.. gonna shoot it n' put it out of it's misery..

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