Thursday, January 15, 2004

Cowabunga dudes and dudettes! A new comic.

For those who want a bit of useless information, like the Jimmy storyline, I drew the current storyline like, forever ago. Of course, one of the choices I made as the comic became a weekly thing again for me, is that Ashley's design got a bit of an overwork, as in the braids in her hair disappeared. It was simpler to draw her, and it wasn't a pain to ink. Well being the current storyline was drawn forever ago, if Ashley's hair looks a bit weakly inked, now you know why. I had to go thru and run over the braids that I drew way back in August or so. But, it does introduce the new character into the strip.

For those wondering, I did not leave her name out on purpose, darn it. I'm not THAT stupid. But it certainly is a different approach to the situation, wouldn't you say?

Also, the D4K Forums are now open on my site, just to let some of you know.

Take er easy kids!

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