Sunday, January 04, 2004

-->>..o' hi,kids..  ..o' no.. that's ehhh.. Brown Milk in my cart.. yeh.. from the mad Chocolate cow..yeh..!!
- MATT XE does it again..TMNT Cereal returns to XE!!
..MAT rips open the box..disses the Turtes..offers ya ol' school TMNT cereal downloads.. and Bites Shredder's head off ta boot..
..Plus..Michelangelo takes ya shopping..and turns his brother into a gravy boat..or somthing like that..i dunno.

-..ah nuts,they make turtle balls..!!
Hedstom Co. is offering 4 size play balls (2 ruff n' tumble playground balls and 2 vinyl playballs for indoors and arounf yir yard..)
..way cool TMNT dodger's will wanna pick one up to play freeze a really cool price;bouncy balls are pretty inexpensive at the shops and are alot of fun!!
..however.. not yet listed on Hedstrom's web site.. are 4 figural TMNT balls. caled 'BounZing Buddies' ..bringin' back the ol' school TMNT sewer balls stylin' .. i picked on of these up late last night.. and i'll try to post a pic of the DON ball i gots. All 4 TMNTs are fat n' round n' squishy.. and ready for a good tossin' !!

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