Monday, February 09, 2004

-->>'s a disturbing article from the 'Palm Beach Post' ..
'Censor 'Scooby-Doo'? Words fail' ..
..if you are a deaf or hard of hearing television watcher.. or Turtle fan.. this effects you !!

This is an editorial article.. however.. many of my friends are deaf.. and Close Captioning is something we of the hearing world can take for granted or not even worry about.
What the article reveals.. is bothersome.. and delves very much into Censorship !!
..Censorship is extremly damaging ..and that effects all of us!! it and think !! 8
-- T-drome has a new spy Turtle News guy.. with a fairly 'ratty' name..hmm..i think you n' i know who he is..
Splinter!! ..he sez.. ::
"Friday is the start of the International Toy Fair in New York. And we'll try to keep you in the know for all the new stuff that is seen and announced at the Playmates Booth. I've got a couple favors out with some of the Toy Sites, to try to get an answer to the elusive 'Baxter Stockman' figure. gave us some hints at some of the things we could see though. Including Scuba Gear Turtles, and a retooled Sewer Lair w/ a new Sewer Trap accessory and Exclusive Figure. Could this be the Splinter that was originally intended to be included in the first release of the Sewer Lair? Stay tuned for Friday."

..there ya go,Bucky! ! This guy is great!! .. you guys are in for some of the 'toppest' news on TMNT!! ;)

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