Wednesday, February 04, 2004

-->> ..look,ma.. i'm a star!!'s been quite a wait.. but..T-drome hoppin' .. and a little Blue Bird named Roseangelo..

The Shredder Strikes series 2..of the Fleer standard trading cards..
(not to be confused with the upcoming 'Upper Deck' Trading Card Came of TMNT)'s the lo-down.. ::

100 - cards
100- gold parallel set..(the pain in the arse cards are the same as ser.1 ..the same cars with gold hi-lites.. eesh..)
36- puzzle cards
10- stand up cards
4 - Ninja Masks cards
7 - 'Raising Shell' chase cards

..257 cards total..

..people are nabbing these off Ebay now .. but they should be leeking into stores as i type this.. keep yir eyes peeled.. and when 'Shredder Strikes'.. be careful so he doesn't poke out yir eyeballs !!

!! 8o ..

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