Sunday, February 29, 2004

-->>Casey was always sucha Blok-head!!
Today we got Brick buildin' blocks and Blok heads and Retr0-TMNT lore your sure to wanna click to your heart's delite!!

--The Mega Bloks 'TMNT:Extreme Battle 1/4 Pipe Fight' set is out now!!
..this set has Mikey skatin' the 1/4 gring and ollies around the Foot Soldier.. this is also the set with the Casey Jones Blok fig with 2 heads (1 masked.. one unmasked),weapons,stunt sticks,and the ooey gooey OOZE.. combine this set with all your Mega Bloks and Legos for some ultimate City-scapes!! 8)

--..sure.. Valentine's is over.. but tOkK's love for XE lasts if you missed..
MATT X-E's Valentine Special.. checkit now..
R2-D2,Mario,Luigi,Raisins,Link, and of coarse TMNT show your Heart a leap year of fun,funny,Valentine cards!!
('s 4 in the morning.. and i'm wide awake n' dippy.. what you want from me..something less stoopit??)

-- ..and in case ya can't get 'nuff of Matt XE..
UGO's Toy Fair Coverage starts here..
..yeh,by now we've shown ya just about everything.. but UGO has a nice click n' show slide show and some great close-ups of Toys you yet to see on the toy shelves until later this year!! ;)

-- Hate him,like him,adore him.. Peter Laird is a legeand in his own right .. & in case you missed it..(i did)..
**Laird's Blast ..83 takes a quick look at Mirage's Old studio..

** Blast 84 shows you the never before-scene of the clean cover of TMNT vol.1 #15..
and a bit on the process of how Mr.Laird created the classic cover!!
..anyway.. i'm gonna go sniff some chemicals er sumthin'.. anything to knock me out!! ;D


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