Tuesday, February 17, 2004

-->>..flip  me,spin me.. make me smash my noggin into a brick wall!!
Splint.. tips off yir toot-telling Tot here.. with info on..
New York's Toy Fair!! February 15-18.. is one of the biggest and best toy shows of the year in the states.. and when alot of secrets will be revealed about upcoming releases for the year's top toys!!

Figure's d0t com's TMNT coverage starts here..!!
Not much newer stuff that we've not seen before ..however some beter looks at some of the TMNT extra players like the Triceratons and the Shredder Clones.. and the real-deal with the 'Space Hoppin' TMNTs.
.. i'll be scouring the next few days for glimples of rumoured re-issues of the Sewer Lair w/ bonus figure,Scuba Turtles, and the mysterious Baxter Stockman..!!
This week ,your Turtle toy dreams come true..and rest assured i got Splinter by the tail.. n' i ain't lettin' go 'til i give ya good guys n' gals the good stuff!! ;)

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